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EnginSoft International Conference

2nd Announcement
CAE technologies for Industry and ANSYS Italian Conference 2009. 1-2 October, Bergamo, Italy. 2nd Announcement and Invitation.

Simulation and Virtual Prototyping are seen as key disciplines for achieving progress in engineering and science in the 21st century. In this light, EnginSoft is hosting its International Conference 2009 CAE Technologies for Industry on 1–2 October in Bergamo – Northern Italy.

The Conference Committee has received an overwhelming response to the Call for Papers and has now published a list of outstanding papers that will be presented on the 2 days of the conference.

The program covers a wide range of innovative topics and applications in such areas as: optimization, mechanics, industrial applications, structural engineering, manufacturing process simulation, computational fluid-dynamics, emerging technologies, durability and fatigue, rapid and impact dynamic, CAD/CAE integration….

To register and to view a preliminary list of papers, please visit the conference website:

NEW: Training program from EnginSoft

Computer Aided Engineering Training program from EnginSoft
EnginSoft SpA, Corporate Member of the ESB, has launched a CAE Training and Recruitment Initiative.

EnginSoft received an overwhelming response from applicants from all over the world for the first Training Course in February 2009.
We encourage anyone interested in the initiative, to now register online for the September 2009 Course !
Please visit

The initiative is dedicated to the next generation of simulation engineers – also in Bioengineering as one of the top future sectors – and will help to provide a young and highly skilled expert workforce for EnginSoft and its partners in Europe.

This initiative represents a unique opportunity for University Graduates, PhD students and post docs, to acquire knowledge and expertise in the most modern CAE Computer Aided Engineering and VP Virtual Prototyping technologies available on the market today.

The Initiative encompasses :

  • A 3 month Intensive Training Course in CAE and VP Virtual Prototyping.
  • 1st Course: Start February 2009 in Northern Italy.
  • Registration through easy CV submission until end of November 2008.
  • The Course will be conducted in English by EnginSoft experts and Professors from esteemed universities.

Content: various CAE and VP disciplines, applications, software and a broad range of topics related to the same. Theoretical and hands-on training – project work, also on-site, with industry and research institutions. After the 3 month Course, attendees will be offered project work with an EnginSoft or partner office, in Italy or Europe (various countries).

The Course, accommodation during the Course and travel to and back from Italy will be carried by EnginSoft.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further details about the Course. For more information, please visit:
Or email:

2008 Council Election Results

Four new council members were elected at the European Society of Biomechanics Annual General Meeting 2008 and two members were re-elected. The new council unanimously elected Ralph Müller as the new president of the ESB and several members took up new posts within the council.

The new council members are: Gabriele Dubini (Chair of Education Committee), from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Dominique Pioletti (Chair of Membership Committee), from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland, Gwendolen Reilly (Chair of Publication Committee), from the University of Sheffield, UK and William Taylor (Chair of Student Committee) from the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany. Damien Lacroix (now Secretary-General) and Jose-Manuel Garcia Aznar (now Vice President and Chair of Awards Committee) were re-elected.

New posts were taken up by Marco Viceconti who stepped down as president and will now act as the key contact for liaison with other societies, Hans Van Oosterwyck who becomes treasurer and Peter Zioupos who becomes chair of Meetings Committee.

Winners ESB Awards 2008

At the last Biennial Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics in early July 2008, the winners of the various ESB Awards were announced.

The meeting, which was held in Lucerne, Switzerland, drew again a large crowd and with that a record in Award applications. The quality of the applications was exceptionally high which made it hard for the Award Committee to define the winners.

On another note, please mark your calendars already now: the deadline for the submission of papers in competition of the 2010 S.M. Perren Award will be December 1, 2009. The S.M. Perren Award is the most prestigious Award of the Society and comes with a prize of 10’000 Swiss Francs sponsored by the AO Foundation. All the 2010 awards will be announced at the Biennial Meeting which will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Congratulations to all the winners!!!

For the Awards Committee:

Prof. Ralph Müller, Chairman
ESB President


Yves Pauchard, C. Mattmann, A. Kuhn, J.A. Gasser and S.K. Boyd (Calgary, Canada) “Using temporal trends of 3D bone micro-architecture to predict bone quality”
Laudation: “The award winning paper by Pauchard and coworkers presents a precisely written summary of a combined computational and experimental approach aimed at improving our ability to predict changes in the bone architecture based on time-lapsed microstructural imaging. The authors present truly novel methodology using cutting edge technology to describe in vivo bone dynamics. Furthermore, they provide proof of concept that their predictive routines can be used to estimate the development of bone trabecular architecture over time in an in vivo animal model. The work of Pauchard and coworkers provides one of the first investigations for better monitoring of the development of bone diseases such as osteoporosis and to better describe the response to therapy clearly worthy of the S.M. Perren Award, the most prestigious award of the European Society of Biomechanics.”


B. Heinlein, I. Kutzner, F. Graichen, A. Rohlmann, A. Bender, G. Bergmann (Winterthur, Switzerland; Berlin, Germany) “Normative data of TKR loading for level walking and stair climbing measured in vivo”


P. Schneider, R. Voide, L.R. Donahue, M. Stampanoni, R. Müller (Zürich, Switzerland) “The influence of the cortical canal network on murine bone mechanics”
M. Robinson, G. Barton, A. Lees, P. Sett (Liverpool, UK) Reaching ability of tetraplegics in their 3D workspace after tendon transfer surgery”
L. McCann, I. Udofia, E. Ingham, Z. Jin, J. Fisher (Leeds, UK) “The importance of contact stress in knee hemiarthroplasty design: a tribological simulation”
A.A. Nikooyan, H.E.J. Veeger, F.C.T. van der Helm, P. Westerhoff, F. Graichen, G.Bergmann (Delft, the Netherlands) “Comparing model-predicted GH-joint contact forces by in-vivo measured forces”


A. Alonso-Vázquez, A. Ramírez, B. Calvo, M. Doblaré (Zaragoza, Spain) “Towards a 3D finite element model of skeletal muscle concentric and eccentric contraction”

Simona Celi, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
Dan Rafiroiu, Cluj-Napoca Technical University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Corporate members of the ESB:

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