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The ‘ESB Clinical Biomechanics Award’ was established by ESB with the purpose of fostering the application of Biomechanics to clinically oriented problems. The award is biennial. On those ESB Congresses that are held on even years (2020, 2022, etc.) the most meritorious proceedings paper of clinical relevance is chosen from the submitted abstracts. Eligibility includes ESB membership and an indication at the time of abstract submission that you would like to compete for the Award. Only previously unpublished work is eligible for the Clinical Biomechanics award.  The deadlines for submitting proceeding abstracts are all defined ahead of the ESB congresses. The selection is made by an ad hoc Award Committee which prioritises all relevant abstracts and selects 4 finalists, which are then invited to present oral presentations during a special session of the ESB congress. The final winner is chosen based both on the quality of the proceeding abstract and the oral presentation at the Conference.

The first author receives a certificate and an amount of 1000 € donated by Elsevier Science Ltd., the publisher of Clinical Biomechanics.

The award winner will be asked to prepare a manuscript which is foreseen to be published in Clinical Biomechanics as the ‘ESB Clinical Biomechanics Award Paper’.

Deadline for receipt of nominations for The ESB Clinical Biomechanics award is coincident with the closing date for abstract submission for the ESB Congress. In order to enter the competition, applicants must apply using the online tool during the abstract submission process.

Nominations must be presented from an ESB member, who must also be first author of the abstract.  Please check your membership and payment status before applying for this award.   For detailed information on eligibility and the selection procedure, please refer to the Awards Regulations.

To qualify for the award, the conference management team will need to check your eligibility against the ESB membership database, and may share information you provide to the conference with the ESB, in order to do this.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2022 winners!

2022 Johanna Menze, T. Rojas, M. A. Zumstein, S. J. Ferguson, K. Gerber. “Biomechanical evaluation of diagnostic tests for rotator cuff lesions” (University of Bern)

PAST WINNERS of the ESB Clinical Biomechanics Award

2020 Hans Kainz, Bryce Killen, Anja Van Campenhout, Kaat Desloovere, Jose Manuel Garcia Aznar, Sandra Shefelbine, Ilse Jonkers.“Botulinum toxin injections do not alter musculoskeletal loading and bone growth in children with cerebral palsy”

Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 87, July 2021, 105405


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2018 Philipp Damm, Jip Zonneveld, Sophie Brackertz,  Florian Streitparth, Florian Winkler (Julius Wolff Institute, Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany ). “Gluteal muscle damage leads to higher in vivo hip joint loads 3 months after total hip arthroplasty”

Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 65, 2019, Pages 105-109


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2016  Giorgia M Bosi, Claudio Capelli, Mun Hong Cheang, Nicola Delahunty, Michael Mullen, Andrew M Taylor and Silvia Schievano. (University Collagen London). “A patient-specific computational model of TAVR validated in 28 patients”

2014 Paschos N, et al  (University of California, Davis, USA) Biomechanical and Biological Properties of Different Topographic Locations of the Ankle Joint”

2013 Dreischarf M,  Rohlmann A, Lauterborn S, Schmidt H, Putzier M, Strube P, Zander T, (Germany) “Influence of a vertebral misalignment after total disc replacement on facet joint forces: capsule tensile forces and clinical outcome

2012 Levchuk A., Zwahlen A, Weigt C, Badilatti S, Schulte F, Kuhn G,  Müller R. (ETH Zurich,  Switzerland.) “Large scale simulations of trabecular bone adaptation to loading and treatment”

Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 29, Issue 4, 2014, Pages 355-362

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2010 Schievano, S., Capelli C., Lurz P., Nordmeyer J., Taylor A.M., Bonhoeffer P. (London, United Kingdom) “First-in-man Implantation of a new percutaneous pulmonary valve device” , (not published in Clinical Biomechanics).

EuroIntervention, Volume 5, Issue 6, 2010, Pages 745-50

2008 Heinlein, B., Kutzner, I., Graichen, F., Rohlmann, A., Bender, A., Bergmann, G. (Berlin, Germany) “Normative data of TKR loading for level walking and stair climbing measured in vivo”

Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 24, Issue 4, 2009, Pages 315-326

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2006 Northwood, E., Fisher, J. (Leeds, UK) “In vitro investigation into the effects of uni and multi-directional motion on the friction, damage and wear of innovative chondroplasty materials against articular cartilage”

Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 22, Issue 7, 2007, Pages 834-842

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2004 Jamsa, T., Vainionpää, A., Korpelainen, R., Vihriälä, E., Leppäluoto, J. (Oulu, Finland) “Effect of daily physical activity on proximal femur”

Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 21, Issue 1, 2006, Pages 1-7

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2002 Cristofolini, L., Savigni, P., Toni, A. (Bologna, Italy) “Ex vivo and in vitro cement mantle fatigue damage around femoral stems: Validation of a protocol to simulate real-life loading in hip relacement patients” , (not published in Clinical Biomechanics).

2000 Heller, M., Bergmann, G., Deuretzbacher, G., Claes, L., Haas, N., Duda, G. (Berlin, Germany) “Influence of femoral anteversion on proximal femoral loading. Measurement and simulation in 4 patients”

Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 16, Issue 8, 2001, Pages 644-649

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1998 Northcut, E.J., Komistek, R.D., Dennis, D.A., Ochoa, J., Ritchie, A. (Denver, USA) “Impulse loading exhibited in the implanted hip during active joint seperation” , (not published in Clinical Biomechanics).

1996 Hoff, W.A., Komistek, R.D., Dennis, D.A., Gabriel, S.M., Walker, S.A. (Denver, USA) “A three dimensional determination of tibeofemoral contact positions under in vivo conditions using fluoroscopy”

Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 13, Issue 7, 1998, Pages 455-472

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1994 Nygaard, H., Thuesen, L., Terp, K., Hasenkam, J.M., Paulsen, P.K. (Aarhus, Denmark) “Assessing the severity of aortic valve stenosis by spectral analysis of heart murmurs (vibrocardiography)”, (not published in Clinical Biomechanics).

The Journal of Heart Valve Disease, Volume 2, Issue 4, 1993, Pages 468-475

1992 Remiger, A.R., Schlegel, U., Frigg, R. Perren, S.M., Claudi, B. “The pinless external fixator: mechanical properties of a new concept in internal fixation”, (not published in Clinical Biomechanics).

1990 Richardson, J.B., Kenwright, J., Cunningham, J.L., (Oxford, U.K.) “Fracture stiffness measurement in the assessment of tibial fractures”

Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 7, 1992, Pages 75-79

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