ESB Mobility Award

ESB Mobility Award for Early Career Researchers

The ESB Mobility Grant aims to provide ESB members with financial assistance to carry out collaborative research in a foreign country as part of their PhD or early postdoctoral research. There are two awards available for 2019 on a competitive basis.


  • The application deadline is 31st May 2019.
  • The winners will be announced at the ESB Congress, Vienna, July 2019.
  • The exchange period should take place within one year of receiving the award.

Eligibility requirements

  • The applicant has to be either a PhD student enrolled at a University or a research institute, or a postdoc maximum one year after receiving their PhD degree.
  • The applicant must be an ESB member in good standing (or in the process of applying).  Please check your membership and payment status before applying for this award.
  • The scientist responsible at the foreign lab must be an ESB member in good standing.
  • The scientist responsible at the foreign lab can support only one application
  • The lab visit should be to another country than where the student is enrolled for his or her PhD studies and/or postdoctoral research.
  • The duration of the research visit should be between 2-6 months.
  • The applicant and supervisor should not have any joint publications with the scientist in charge during the last five years.


  • The award value is based on the estimated costs to a maximum of €4000.
  • The award value is intended as a contribution towards travel costs, living expenses for the duration of the visit, and potential project related costs.
  • The award cannot be used for salary and does not cover expenses related to spouses or dependents.
  • The award does not cover overhead costs.

Application process

  • The applicants must submit an application to the chair of the ESB student and educational committee before the aforementioned deadline (
  • The application must include:
    • CV (max 2 pages).
    • Publication list.
    • Research plan, including motivation why the visit to the foreign lab would benefit the student and his/her research (max 3 pages).
    • Support letter from supervisor also indicating the status of the applicant.
    • Invitation letter from foreign laboratory, confirming that the host is an ESB member in good standing.
    • Budget estimate indicating costs for: travel, accommodation, fees and other related, relevant expenses etc. You must also list any other funding/remuneration you are receiving from other sources.

Review and selection process

  • The applications will be reviewed by the mobility-awards committee that will decide on grant allocations.
  • The review will be based on the submitted research plan, academic merits of the student and the benefits with establishing a new collaboration.
  • The ESB will announce the winners at the ESB Congress, Vienna, July 2019.

Final reporting and publications

  • The student is required to submit a short scientific report (3-5 pages) to the ESB committee three months after the lab-visit was completed, including 1) the results obtained, 2) skills learned and 3) discussion of how the results and new skills/knowledge will be applied in future research.
  • The student may be asked to prepare a short video for our ESB You Tube channel
  • The student may be asked to write a short piece describing his/her experiences for the student’s corner in the newsletter.
  • The student is asked to acknowledge the ESB mobility award in any publications coming out of the work.
  • The applicant needs to refund the money if the exchange period does not take place.

For more details, please contact the ESB Education and Student Chair