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I cannot login

This web site is reserved to ESBiomech members. If you are not a member, you can apply for membership by filling the following application: http://esbiomech.orgOnlineApplication.

If you are a member but you have lost your password, you can retrieve your password by introducing your old username or main email account on the login page (immediately below the login form). You will then receive your password through an email at the address given in your ESB database. If you do not remember your username (which is usually, but not always, your surname) or if you are not sure that the email address in the members database is correct, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I appear in the members list?

Login, go to update your personal data and click on the check box to give your permission to make fields marked with an asterisk (*) public, and update your data.

How can I apply for membership?

Fill in the Online Application Form for the ESB. The required fields are compulsory, and you may require a CV and supervisors note, depending upon the level of membership you require. To decide of the type of subscription you can apply for, please check the Types of Membership page. If your membership is accepted, you can select a subscription to one of the affiliated journals to the European Society of Biomechanics at a discount rate.

Please remember to attach your CV in PDF format, and a scan of a letter, also in PDF from your university stating you are a student, if you want the student membership.

How can I pay my membership and journal subscription fees (including online payment)?

Go to Online Payment (accessible after login). You may be asked to check and update your personal details and professional profile before you can renew your membership. You can select journals and membership payment in one go – please note that currently you cannot order journals independently of your membership payment! Payments can be made by bank transfer or through PayPal.

To minimize administrative overhead, ESB prefers online payment by credit card through PayPal.

When you check out, you either use your current PayPal account if you have one, or pay without creating a PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, click on the “Continue” button as indicated below:

Then, select a valid credit card and fill all the information required. Do not forget to include your Card Verification Number (see help in the PayPal website). Do not use spaces in the credit card numbers. Then continue checkout and finalize your subscription without the need for creating a PayPal account.

When you check your payment and click on the Payment button (in your own country language)

How can I add something to the ESBiomech web site?

The ESBiomech web site is managed with a Content Management System that allows the distribution of the administrative tasks. Each major section of our web site is managed directly by a different council member, who chairs the relative committee:

The contact information for each chairperson can be found in the Council web page.

How can I access the online journals (J Biomech, Clin Biomech, Gait and Posture, CMBBE)?

You need to be an ESB member in good standing and have a subscription to a journal , which can be obtained by paying your ESB membership and journal subscription fees. Details on reduced subscription fees can be found on the affiliated journal webpage. Payments can be done online. Please follow the links to find detailed information on online access to Journal of Biomechanics and Clinical Biomechanics. For online access to Gait and Posture and CMBBE subscribers will be contacted directly and individually by the publishers.

Corporate members of the ESB:

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