Travel Awards

Logos of the ESB and the Taylor Francis Group, joint travel award sponsors.

ESB Travel Awards are given to the most worthy applicants, as selected by the ESB Award Committee. The purpose of the Travel Awards is to financially help young researchers to participate at the ESB Congress. The Award consists of a certificate and an amount of €400, which is expected to be used for travel, accommodation and living expenses during the ESB meeting.

Any ESB member who is undertaking a PhD or has not more than 5 years PostDoc experience and is submitting a paper to the ESB Congress is eligible to apply. The applicant must be the first author of the abstract.

Application for travel awards now occurs during the ESB congress online abstract submission process. For 2018, the applications are submitted through the WCB 2018 congress portal. Deadline is 19th December 2017. For consideration, the candidate must submit an application, briefly outlining and justifying why they are requesting a travel grant, including the applicant’s curriculum vitae (max 2 pages).

Candidates may only receive a travel award once, which will be awarded at the congress banquet. Funds are limited and a priority list is drawn up based on scientific quality. The applicant must be first author of the abstract.

We will endeavor to provide notification of the awards in sufficient time for you to apply for any required travel visa, but application for the visa remains your own responsibility, and it could be beneficial to start the visa application process immediately and not wait for the result of the travel award.


—————- 2017 Winners —————-

The awards committee is pleased to announce that after scrutinizing the various applications is willing to supply Travel award bursaries and support to the following applicants to attend ESB-2017:

Maria Cristina Bisi

University of Bologna

Katariina Myller University of Eastern Finland
Gloria Casaroli Politechnico Milan
Marco Ferroni Politechnico Milan
Emiel Disseldorp TU Eindhoven
Matteo Zago  Politechnico Milan
Nicole van Gestel TU Eindhoven
Ingmar Fleps ETH Zürich
Andre Castro University of Sheffield
Emir Benca Vienna, Austria
Pouyan Asgharzadeh University of Stuttgart
Arne Feldmann University of Bern
Justyna Niestrawska TU Gratz
Ariane Scheuren ETH Zürich
Romane Blanchard University of Melbourne
Daniele Bianchi University of Rome
Melika Mohammadkhah Trinity Collage Dublin
Anna Gustafsson Lund University