Membership payment structure for the ESB

Participants of the biomechanics community can become members of the ESB by applying according to the membership application rules (Article I: Members), using the online tool available on the website.


  • The normal method for paying ESB membership fees is by attending the annual ESB congress,  where membership fees are included within the price of congress registration.  Membership through congress registration will update (and overwrite) the existing membership,  and the member will then be in good standing until the end of the following calendar year.  Alternatively,  should a non-member register for the congress (at non-member registration prices) and wish to become a member,  they will be able to become a member by completing the registration process within 2 months of receiving the e-mailed information,  from that point until the end of the following calendar year (subject to membership approval).  In this manner,  any participant of the ESB congress can automatically have their membership updated to run for the following ~18 months. This does not apply for World Congresses.
  • Should a member not attend a congress,  their membership will elapse at the end of that calendar year,  and they will be required to pay their annual membership fee online (available through the members login page) to cover membership for the following calendar year.  Similar to acquiring membership through congress attendance,  fees paid online from the time point of the annual ESB Congress until the end of that calendar year will be valid for the period until the end of the following calendar year.  Late payments (after membership has elapsed) will be allowed until the beginning of the following congress (i.e. for the period of 1st January through to 30th June),  but will then only be valid until the end of that calendar year.  Please note that should late membership then be paid before registration at the following congress,  registration will be allowed at membership rates – however,  should membership elapse and not be paid before congress registration,  non-member rates will be charged.  In this case,  membership through congress registration will then cover their membership fee for that,  as well as the following year,  in the normal manner.
  • Members who allow their membership to lapse,  and do not attend the annual congress will be maintained within the membership database for the period of 3 years,  under the status of “suspended”. Such members will be able to return their membership to good standing by attending a congress at non-members rates,  or by paying their membership fees in the normal manner. Should a member not return their membership into good standing within this 3 year period,  they will have their membership entirely removed from the database and – should they wish to return to membership at some point in the future – would be required to reapply in the normal manner.

If your membership has been approved and you wish to receive a membership certificate, please contact the membership committee.

If anything is unclear or any of your eventualities are not sufficiently dealt with, please feel free to contact the ESB Treasurer.