ESB Journal club


WHEN? Mar 8, 2022 – Time: 4 PM CET

Was your paper accepted in 2020/2021 in a peer reviewed journal? Would you like to present it online and answer questions from the audience in a ‘meet the author’ session? Participate*!

*Only for ESB members  in good standing. Preference for junior members (Masters, PhD, Postdocs)

As announced at the ESB2021 conference, we will organize an online journal club in which ESB students and postdoc members can present their accepted work. This online event is scheduled on Mar 8, 2022 at 16 PM. The online forum will be announced upon a later date. 

Before December 1st 2021, express your interest by email to

  • stating the full reference to the paper
  • attaching the accepted manuscript
  • presenting proof of acceptance by the journal
  • presenting agreement signed by the senior author for participation in the online journal club.

A selection committee will critically revise the contributions and select the top 5 papers for presentation. Selected authors will be notified on January 20th, 2022

Selected authors will be invited to contribute a video (mp4) presenting a short pitch of the paper (3-5 min) that will be shared on the ESB Youtube channel.  

Authors will be given the opportunity to present their work during the online journal club and discuss it with the online audience on Mar 8, 2022. 

The presentation should be 30minutes long followed by max. 20minutes of discussion moderated by an ESB member. The ‘Meet the author sessions’ will be recorded and made available online through the ESB Youtube channel after the event.

This will be a great occasion to broadcast your work to a broad audience and engage in a friendly dialogue with colleagues in the field. The journal club provides a unique opportunity to establish your research, gain constructive feedback, gather fresh outlook and form meaningful collaborations within the ESB community. 

Are you an ESB member? Attend the “meet the author” session

Selected authors will be split in breakout rooms. You will get the chance to interact with the authors and it may be the starting point of new collaboration.

During the journal club, you will be able to

  • Ask any question you may have on the methods, results, implications of the work presented in the article
  • Give constructive feedback about the way the study was conducted
  • Make suggestions for future work (why not a collaboration?)
  • Even just congratulate the author, for whom it may be the first paper!

During the journal, you will not 

  • Be aggressive. It should be a friendly environment for the student who may be slightly nervous
  • Only criticise. You may not agree with some parts of the paper, but your feedback should be balanced and constructive.