ESB Committees

Awards Committee

Chair: Luca Cristofolini

The mission of the ESB is to promote excellence in biomechanics research, to foster integration of clinical and basic science, and to facilitate the translation of that science to health care and clinical practice. One way in which ESB supports its mission and promotes excellence is by recognition of outstanding members with prestigious awards given at the biennial ESB Congress. For detailed information on submissions and nominations, please refer to the Awards Regulations or contact the Awards Committee Chairman.

Scientific Communications Committee

Chair: Sara Checa

This newly created committee is responsible for enhancing communication with and between ESB members and promoting science and practice of Biomechanics. In its effort to regularly evaluate and improve communication with members, the Committee has oversight of the newsletter, website and social media.

Meetings Committee

Chair: David Mitton

This committee deals with the bids and organization of the main Annual ESB Congress. It is also responsible for endorsement and dissemination of the various biomechanics related meetings.

Meetings WebPortal Committee

Chair: Mark Thompson

This committee is concerned with the development of the ESB web portal to deliver and present its annual international scientific conference. Our work is devoted to ensure that the portal offers all mechanisms and support necessary for the Society to consistently deliver a conference that provides a vibrant forum for presentation and discussion of the most up to date, highest quality research in biomechanics.

Membership & External Affairs Committee

Chair: Jérôme Noailly

The main purpose of this committee is to encourage and promote membership in the Society. This will be accomplished considering member needs/opinions and recommending policies, procedures and strategies to improve the membership development in all aspects: more and better benefits, more members, etc. It also arranges affiliations of other societies with the ESB and serves as contact address to any biomechanics group that is interested to get in touch with the ESB. Among others, it provides a liaison to the European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering & Science (EAMBES). EAMBES joins together European scientific societies and higher education institutions, representing over 8’000 bioengineers in various education and lobbying activities. This committee also acts as a liaison to the ESB National Chapters.

Publication Committee

Chair: Dieter Pahr

Informing the ESB members on the activities and initiatives, related to the ESB and its Council is crucial for the viability of the Society. The flow of information should however be ‘bidirectional’, and therefore members should feel free to express their ideas, suggestions, etc.. The Publication Committee takes care and promotes this information flow, in the first place by preparing the ESB Newsletter (twice a year). Members will also be updated on ESB-related activities through the website and by means of e-mail. News to be published in the Newsletter and/or on the website can be submitted to the Publication committee at by any ESB member. Finally, the ESB has also arranged reduced subscription rates for a number of journals.

Education and Student Committee

Chair: Enrico Dall’Ara

This committee aims to provide valuable services to ESB Students and Young Scientists Members via the web site of the ESB through the establishment of an ESB Student Network made of local contact points in various European countries. The student members contributing to this committee are: Laura Baumgartner (Spain), Edoardo Borgiani (Germany), Miguel Ángel Ariza (Spain-Switzerland), Ehsan Soodman (Germany), Matteo Zago (Italy), Gabriele Nasello (Spain), Rodrigo Romarowski (Italy).