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Members enjoy a range of financial and professional benefits, such as reduced rates for conferences and networking opportunities, both online and off. See other pages in this section for more details, or complete our online application form below:

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All new members to the ESB are positively vetted by the ESB Council, so you may need to get a couple of things together before you can complete your application. All professional and student applicants must fill in the online form, providing the required information about their CV’s (in English),  including a list of publications (you will be able to copy & paste from a CV you might have ready).  In addition, students must indicate the name and contact of their Supervisor (including an institutional email address), who will be contacted to confirm the student status of the applicant.

Please remember that Council members are volunteers.  For this reason, applications are processed in batches.  It could take up to one month before the evaluation process is completed and you receive a feedback.  You should bear this in mind with respect to deadlines (e.g. awards and congress registration) where being members in good standing (i.e. approved by the council and after having paid the ESB membership  fee) is required.

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