Italian National Chapter

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The Italian National Chapter of the ESB was created on 14th March 2011, after approval by the Italian members of the ESB through electronic ballot.

The by-laws of the Italian National Chapter can be found here.

The website of the Italian Chapter of the ESB is here.

The Italian Chapter of the ESB is also on Facebook,  Linkedin and Twitter

Members of the Italian Chapter of the ESB

Any ESB active or student member affiliated to an organization located in Italy is also a rightful member of the Italian National Chapter of the ESB.  The same applies to corporate members located in Italy, and to honorary and senior members who are resident in Italy.  ESB members of Italian nationality, but working or resident in other countries, can  join the Chapter by sending a request to the President of the Chapter.

Executive Board of the Italian Chapter of the ESB

The Executive Board of the Italian Chapter is elected every 2 years by the General Assembly.

Current Executive Board:

  • Michele Marino (Leibniz Universität Hannover), president
  • Simona Celi (Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio, Massa/Pisa)
  • Claudio Chiastra (Politenico di Milano)
  • Luca Cristofolini (Università di Bologna), ex officio


The Italian Chapter has a Newsletter, with info about people and activities. The Newsletter can be downloaded from the website.

Meetings of the Italian Chapter of the ESB


1) Following the positive interaction in 2014, the VI ESB-ITA annual meeting has been organized in collaboration with the National Bioengineering Group (GNB) and it took place in Naples on June, 22nd. The meeting program comprised two oral and one poster sessions. All the abstract are available here.

Two prizes have been awarded:

– Alberto Gonzalez Garcia received the prize for the best oral presentation with the work Experimental/computational approach of the nuclear pore complex mechanics

– Elena Cutrì received the prize for the best poster presentation with the work Biomechanical evaluation of skin lesions: a combined approach.


2) In Lucca, a session on biomechanics promoted under the auspices of the ESB-ITA has been organized in the framework of the meeting of the Materials Group of the AIMETA (Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics) within the GIMC-GMA 2016 conference (Lucca, 27-29 June). This event has been of high value within the Italian scientific community and allowed to spread the news on the activities of the ESB-ITA among research groups that are not traditionally involved.


3) The first ESB-ITA thematic Symposium Frontier Biomechanical Challenges in Cardiovascular Physiopathology has been organized in Palermo on 8-9 September, jointly with ISMETT (Dr. S. Pasta) and Università di Palermo (Prof. M. Zingales),

The symposium dealt with advances in cardiovascular biomechanics from both engineering and clinical point of view. Anne M. Robertson (University of Pittsburgh) gave an interesting plenary lecture, while the different thematics have been introduced by keynote presentations held by expert clinicians (Diego Bellavia, Vinay Badhwar and Santi Trimarchi) followed by those of prominent scientists in the field of biomechanical engineering research (Alfio Quarteroni, Gabriele Dubini and Ferdinando Auricchio).

Regular oral and poster presentations followed, contributing to a fruitful multidisciplinary discussion. Among these, a prize for young researchers (<30 yrs.) has been awarded to Rodrigo Romarowski with the work: A comprehensive framework for thoracic aortic endograft simulations: from virtual deployment to computational fluid-dynamics. 


More information on past and next meetings of the ESB-ITA can be found here.