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The student committee are a friendly group of active ESB members, lead by the committee chair Dr. Enrico Dall’Ara, whose aim is to provide useful services and information to ESB student members. By organising a variety of events and offering opportunities for students to gain experience, mentoring, advice or simply social contact, we aim to increase the activity and presence of younger members within the society.

We would like to extend a very welcome to you all – if there is anything we can help with or if you have specific ideas or requests, then please feel free to contact us at the addresses given below. 🙂


Dr. Enrico Dall’Ara, Chair Student Committee


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Department of Oncology and Metabolism
University of Sheffield
The Pam Liversidge Building
Sir Robert Hadfield Building
Mappin Street
S1 3JD

Email: Contact form

Any suggestions and comments are welcome to improve the information available in this Students section of the Website.

The student committee is composed of several volunteers actively involved organising student activites and events. Feel free to ask them for advice.

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Laura Baumgartner


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Miguel Ángel Ariza Gracia

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Edoardo Borgiani


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Gabriele Nasello


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Ehsan Soodmand


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Rodrigo Romarowski


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Matteo Zago


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