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Welcome to the European Society of Biomechanics

The European Society of Biomechanics was founded in 1976 at a meeting in Brussels of 20 scientists from 11 countries. Our goal is to encourage research, disseminate knowledge and promote progress in Biomechanics. It is now the largest Biomechanics society in Europe with over 1000 members. Finally, our 1000th member is Ehsan Soodmand from Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany).

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2 PhD theses at the Center for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering, ARMINES/Mines Saint-Etienne – SAINBIOSE (INSERM-U1059)

  1) FINITE-ELEMENT MODELING AND PATIENT-SPECIFIC PREDICTION OF ANEURYSM GROWTH AND RUPTURE IN THE ASCENDING THORACIC AORTA  Keywords: Finite-element method, nonlinear mechanics, mechanobiology, aortic aneurysm, extracellular matrix degeneration, nonlocal mechanics, fluid-structure interactions. Academic context: This PhD thesis is part of the … Continue reading

PhD Student Position in bone, ultrasound, wave propagation, and inverse problem in Marseille

A Ph.D. student position is available in the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics, and the Institute of Movement Sciences in Marseille, France. On-going research topic is as follow; parametric imaging of human children bones using ultrasonic computed tomography, coupled with … Continue reading