ESB Webinars

ESB Webinar Series – No.03 (Co-organised with the student committee of the VPHi) -High-throughput Multicellular Simulation Studies with PHYSICELL by Prof Paul Macklin

Watch it at the VPHi website:

This webinar of the VPHi Keynote Webinar Series took place on 24 January 2020 at 16 CET featuring Prof Paul Macklin from Indiana University, under the moderation of Ngoc Mai Monica Huynh, member of the VPHi Student Committee. The webinar is endorsed and co-organised by the European Society of Biomechanics.

ESB Webinar Series – No.02 -Jumping into Musculoskeletal Modeling with OpenSim by Jennifer Hicks

This webinar is targeted toward individuals interested in learning how OpenSim can be used to explore topics in musculoskeletal simulation. The webinar is conducted by Dr. Jennifer Hicks, the Research and Development Manager of the OpenSim software project.

ESB Webinar Series – No.01 – Learn How to use SimVascular by Gabriel Maher

The video above explores SimVascular, an open source software package to simulate and analyze the cardiovascular system. SimVascular is the only fully open source software package providing a complete pipeline from medical image data segmentation to patient specific blood flow simulation and analysis.