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Post-Doctoral Position on Biomechanics of soft fibrous tissue @Gustave Eiffel University and Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University

The Biomechanics and Impact Mechanics Laboratory (LBMC UMR_T9406) is a joint research unit of Gustave Eiffel University and Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University. Around forty permanent staff with complementary skills (solid, structural mechanics, surgeons etc.) work within the LBMC.

Based on societal challenges, the LBMC leads researches, on two research themes:

  • Facilitating travel (automated vehicles, autonomous travel)
  • Maintaining good health  (functional capacities, the repaired body: the implant in its environment).

The LBMC has a strong expertise in mechanical characterization of biological tissues. It is a member of the LabEx PRIMES and IMU, and co-leads the International Associated Laboratory (EVASYM) between Lyon and Montreal.
Statice, founded in 1978, has strong expertise in biomaterials and mechatronics, with applications in health field: medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic tools. Statice develops and produces innovative and customized implants and laboratory equipment in fields requiring advanced technologies such as cardiovascular, neurology, urology, oncology, ophthalmology, etc. Thanks to 30 staff members (PhD, engineers and technicians) and a mechanical and electronic workshop, Statice carries out around one hundred industrial projects per year. At the same time, its SRC label awarded by BPI-FRANCE/OSEO enables it to be involved in medium and long-term upstream research work. Statice is regularly an industrial partner in French and European research projects, to remain at the forefront of tomorrows technologies. Statice is thus recognized in Europe for its innovativeness.

The LBMC and Statice are involved in a new collaborative project supported by the France relance plan, with the aim of characterizing the microstructure and mechanical behavior of the tunica albuginea, and developing a biocompatible substitute produced by electrospinning. This collaboration also involves clinicians from the Urology Department of the Lyon Sud Hospital (Hospices Civils de Lyon). Within the framework of this project, the LBMC and Statice are recruiting a post-doctoral fellow for a period of 18 months.

The future employee tasks will be to:

  • Develop experimental protocols for the characterization of the tunica albuginea, including the quantification of its microstructural arrangement and mechanical behavior, at LBMC,
  • Plan and carry out a series of tests on tunica albuginea samples of cadaver or surgical origin, at the LBMC,
  • Process data with the development of dedicated scripts, at the LBMC and Statice,
  • Contribute to the definition of parameters for the development of prototype synthetic substitutes based on the knowledge acquired on tunica albuginea, at Statice,
  • Contribute to the development of synthetic fibrous tissues by electrospinning, at Statice,
  • Draft and present to the project stakeholders a mid-term and a final report,
  • Write and present scientific papers.

The candidate should have strong skills in experimental characterization and analytical modelling of the mechanical behavior of soft fibrous tissues. He/she will preferably have experience in applying these skills to materials developed using electrospinning or biological materials. Soft skills and good communication skills will be appreciated.

The candidate will be recruited by the Gustave Eiffel University for 18 months. The salary and benefits associated with the position are defined by this institution.

During the whole contract, the candidate will work half of the time at LBMC in Bron (69-France) and the other half at Statice (25-France) according to a schedule to be defined.

To apply, please send simultaneously to Karine BRUYERE (, Laure-Lise GRAS (, Melanie OTTENIO ( and Hugues MONDESERT ( and before 24 January 2022, a letter of motivation, a CV and contact information for a recommendation.

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