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ESB mobility award


The ESB mobility award has opened up again for 2015. The student mobility award allows doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers to perform a short term academic exchange between two institutions in different countries.  Don’t forget to apply by May 31st! You may be one of the winners announced during ESB in Prague.

In this newsletter we are happy to share the stories of one of our second year ESB mobility award winners, Valentina Danesi from Italy. Valentina was one of the award winners during the WCB 2014 in Boston. She has recently returned from her academic exchange.

” I am quite pleased to talk about my research experience in Portsmouth (UK), intended as part of my PhD. Before leaving for this new exciting job opportunity, I was really concerned to be apart from my son, who is only 4 years old. On the other hand, this motivated me to fully enjoy the experience both as a scientist and as an individual.  I spent a period of three months at the Mechanical Behaviour of Materials Lab in Portsmouth, UK, where I was involved in the application of a recent technique, Digital Volume Correlation, to investigate the strain distribution in augmented vertebral bodies.   During this visit, I met several people from far away countries (New Zealand, Iran, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia), which have cultures very different from mine. Over all, this experience gave me the opportunity to meet two special people, who have become two of my closest friends.   Furthermore, this experience gave me the opportunity to discover the south of England (Stone henge) and to cultivate my passions for English literature, the BritPop music and obviously British beer!



Since I had the opportunity to improve my research skills and meet amazing people, my experience was very positive from both the professional and personal point of view. I would definitely recommend a period of research abroad!”


Student Events at the ESB Conference in Prague – July 2015!


Social Evening

Together with the local organizers, the student committee is planning a social evening on Monday July 6th (Called “Night in Town” in the conference program). New for this year is that the entertainment will be provided by the famous BEDrock band! BEDrock’s great musicians are Professors and researchers from biomechanics labs around Europe and the US.

Vocals and guitar: Joseph Sherwood, Imperial College
Guitar: Mike Moreno, Texas A&M University
Keys: Spyros Masouros, Imperial College
Bass: Jeff Weiss, University of Utah
Bass: René van Donkelaar, Eindhoven University of Technology
Drums: Richard Lopata, Eindhoven University of Technology


Don’t miss the opportunity to see their first performance outside the US! (Listen to them at WCB 2014)


Next Stop- Career Workshop 


For most PhD students, the question which arises sooner or later is what to do Next? We have all had the same question in mind at some stage. This year the student committee will organize a discussion session and a panel debate between former PhD students who chose to stay in academia, and some that decided to go into industry. This will give students an opportunity to place your own questions to the panel members who have developed their career in academia as researchers and professors, or those who have chosen a career in industry. The Career workshop takes place during the lunch break on Tuesday July 7th.  If you have questions or topics that you would like the panel to discuss please let us know in advance (hanna.isaksson at bme.lth. se) or come prepared to the workshop.


Do you want to be part of the student committee?

 The ESB student committee is looking for new members! PhD students that would like to help us develop and prepare events, managing social media sites, or contribute to the ESB as a society. Just contact the chair of the student committee!

By Zahra on behalf of the whole student committee.

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