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Welcome to the European Society of Biomechanics

The European Society of Biomechanics was founded in 1976 at a meeting in Brussels of 20 scientists from 11 countries. Our goal is to encourage research, disseminate knowledge and promote progress in Biomechanics. It is now the largest Biomechanics society in Europe with over 1000 members. Finally, our 1000th member is Ehsan Soodmand from Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany).

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Participate in our survey on electronic voting!

We are conduting a short survey to know your opinion on electronic voting; that is whether the election of council members, and other questions on which the membership votes, should take place electronically (voting from your own personal computer) instead … Continue reading

ESB2015 upcoming deadlines

The 10th of May is the deadline for the ESB2015 Travel Award. Register for the 21st Congress in Prague before the 15th of May and benefit from early registration fees!