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ESB Privacy policy

ESB Privacy Policy

Visiting this site

The European Society of Biomechanics (ESB) does NOT currently use third party services (Social Media, Maps or Search Engines) on our website. We do not share your browsing information with third parties.

Visitors’ IP addresses are recorded by our server, and this information may be used for statitical purposes, or to hinder attacks on our website. We do not have the ability to identify individual visitors from this information.

Members are advised that we will set a ‘Session Cookie’ to permit you to login as a Member of the Society. We do not collect any information from this Cookie, which is destroyed when you logout, close your browser, or after a period of inactivity.

Further information for how we manage member’s personal information is provided below:

Management of membership data

1. The European Society of Biomechanics (ESB) may hold members’ personal information under the following conditions stipulated by the “General Data Protection Regulation” 2016/679 (GDPR) :

  • Article 6.1(a) Consent – where you have specified that we may use your contact information for a clearly identified purpose.
  • Article 6.1(b) Contract – where it is necessary for us to use your personal information in order to provide membership benefits to you.

2. To participate as a member of the ESB: We will send you notification of meetings, or due fees electronically. These notices shall be deemed to be delivered when sent to you at the e- mail address you have provided to the ESB.

3. Optionally you may also receive our occasional electronic Newsletter. You were asked for consent for us to send you this publication at the time of your registration, and can opt in or out at any time through the membership pages.

4. The ESB may share your name and email address with selected conference organisers, to allow you to receive discounted registration fees or subscriptions to these services.

5. If you order a journal or other publication through the ESB, the ESB will share your name, email and postal address with the publisher/supplier, to enable delivery.

6. Personal information is held during, and for up to three years after the expiry of, an active membership subscription. The latter is to enable expired members to renew their subscription without the need for re-applying to the society.

7. Members have the right to access their personal data held by the ESB. This information is provided to them freely, and can be accessed through the ESB website’s membership pages. This information can also be requested by contacting the society’s Membership Committee via our contact form.

8. Members are entitled to have personal data rectified, if it is inaccurate or incomplete. This can be done freely through the membership pages on the ESB website by the member, or alternatively by contacting the society’s Membership Committee via our contact form.

9. Members are entitled to ask for their personal data in a portable form. This can be provided by the Membership Committee via our contact form.

Withdrawal of consent and erasure of your personal data

1. Withdrawal of consent to hold personal information: As your contact details are required for us to manage your membership, and provide you with membership benefits, withdrawal of consent for us to process these details is equivalent to resignation of your membership.

Resignation shall not relieve you of the obligation to pay annual dues, if any, required as part of your contract with the Society, and we may continue to hold personal details until a financial settlement has been reached under GDPR article 6.1(b).

2. You may resign from the ESB at any time by logging in to our membership pages, or by contacting the society’s Membership Committee via our contact form.

3. Right to be forgotten: Members have a right to have personal data erased and to prevent its further processing. Erasure can be requested by contacting the society’s Membership Committee via our contact form. Personal data will be erased upon the withdrawal of consent by the member. The ESB will be unable to provide the member with membership benefits after erasure.

4. A member will be deemed to have resigned after two years non-payment of membership fees, and their personal information will be automatically deleted the following January (i.e. after three years).

5. If you do not take up an offer of membership by paying the fee due, your personal information will be automatically deleted after two years.

6. The ESB retains anonymous statistical information about the broad nature of its membership (equality and diversity data) after accounts have been erased.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you make a direct request to the Membership Committee for changes to your personal profile, rather than doing this by logging in to your membership pages, the ESB will attempt to check your identity before processing your request. Such requests will be dealt with within 1 month.

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