Meeting WebPortal Committee: Dieter Pahr

Dieter Pahr

TU-Wien // KL Krems, Austria

Dieter Pahr studied mechanical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology and received his doctorate in the field of lightweight design and aerospace engineering in 2003 working mainly with composite materials. In 2006 he joined the newly founded biomechanics group of Prof. Philippe Zysset at the TU-Wien where he habilitated in 2008. Over the years he was awarded an Assistant and Associate Professor in numerical biomechanics at TU Vienna. In 2016, he promoted to a full professor in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics at the newly founded Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in Krems. Currently, he has a dual appointment at TU-Wien leading the computational biomechanics group and at the Karl Landsteiner University as head of the division biomechanics. The main focus of both groups is medical imaging, biomechanical simulation and modelling, mechanical testing of biological tissues, 3D printing and medical software development.  He is an author of 82 peer-reviewed scientific paper, and is an ESB member since 2010.