Membership news

Membership news

The total membership of ESB is well over 1000 (1084 members).

A very warm welcome to the 105 new members who have joined us since Autumn 2016:

  • 40 new active members: Laurence Cheze, Abhishek Kumar Tiwari, Lucian Gruionu, Benyebka Bou-Said, Tim McGloughlin, Anthony Bull, Petri Tanska, Jose Felix Rodriguez Matas, M. Kerem Ün, Yoram Lanir, Michel Behr, Peter Walker, Juan Enrique Palomares, Mehmet Ayyildiz, Heiner Baur, Xiaogai Li, Dharmendra Tripathi, Ayman Assi, Aurelie Levillain, Raphaël Dumas, Thierry Hoc, Veronica Cimolin, Anne Le Goff, Raghavendra Palankar, Pablo Saez, Riccardo Di Giminiani, Sandra Loerakker, Ahmed Ashour, Salam M Elhafez, Costin Untaroiu, Julius Griskevicius, SoHyun Park, Gopal Chandra Shit, Nadia Bahlouli, Adam Mazurkiewicz, Manuela Galli, Lanie Gutierrez Farewik, Maxime Raison, Mehran Moazen, Seyed Jamaleddin Mousavi


  • 65 new student members: Pouyan Asgharzadeh, Mirko Bonfanti, Karen Mys, Kehao Wang, Jorge Torres, Ariane Scheuren, Antonio Callejas, Benjamin Marchi, Ashley Torres, Katariina Myller, Marco Avalos, Anna Gustafsson, Gavin Day, Gaia Franzetti, Tommaso Ristori, Annina Saukko, Francesca Donadoni, Pim Oomen, Mathieu van Kelle, Susanna Migliori, Selda Sherifova, Kavin Morellato, Yogesh Bansod, Marcos Loureiro, Lise Ochej, Louise Mifsud, Sara Cameron, Dominica Khoo, Justyna Anna Niestrawska, Olesya Klets, Andrew Roberts, Giulia Luraghi, Anass Hanzaz, Soudeh F.Tehrani, Jorge Marin-Montin, Marta Pena Fernandez, Kaylee Dang, Marta Palomar Toledano, Ricardo Belda González, Skye Marshall, Beth McGill, Antonio Candito, Maria Luisa Ruspi, Minoo Tabandegan, Belkacemi Djelloul, Neda Mirzaie, Xuxin Lim, Loïc Gallet, Kraiem Tesnim, Giovanni Maria Formato, Harshana Senavirathna, Marco Mannisi, Riham Ahmed, Giulia Pacini Panebianco, Marzieh Ovesy, Sanne Vancleef, Pim Pellikaan, Jean-Baptiste Renault, Claudio Zippenfennig, Liam Sharkey, Solmaz Farzaneh, Monika Stipsitz, Lukas Steiner, Banafshe Ghomian, Ana Sofia Ferreira

In addition, a few Active Members this year are becoming Senior Members of the ESB due to retirement or to their long-standing participation in the society.  We are glad to see them still actively attending our Congresses, and giving their contribution to the ESB.

The membership figures above also take account of our annual “spring cleaning”. This is when we change the status of those members who are in arrears with payment of their membership fee to “resigned”. This status is retained for 2 years, during which time people are still able to redeem themselves and rejoin the ESB.

During the yearly congress in Seville a new Honorary member will be presented at the General Assembly.

Corporate Members

Companies joining the ESB as Corporate members are giving valuable financial support.  This support enables the ESB to provide more travel grants for students to attend the yearly meeting, allows the ESB to offer Mobility Awards, and is most visible in the new Corporate-sponsored best paper awards.

Currently, our Corporate members are: AMTI, Ansys, ßBeta, Materialise, MTS, Nobel Biocare and Taylor & Francis. If you know of any company that might be interested in joining us please contact the membership committee:

How to pay the ESB yearly membership fee?

In order to avoid any confusion regarding the payment of the ESB membership fee, we remind you of the following:

  • If you attend the annual ESB congress this year (Seville), this will pay for your ESB membership until the end of the following year (2018).
  • If you do not attend the annual ESB congress in Seville, your membership will lapse at the end of the current year (2017). For the following year you will be required to pay your annual membership fee online.
  • Members who allow their membership to lapse by not paying their membership fee for 2 consecutive years (i.e. neither paying online, nor by attending the annual ESB congress) will be maintained within the membership database for a period of 2 years, under the status of “resigned”.

For more details about membership payment rules, please visit the dedicated page.

To update/check your membership profile and fee payments, you just need to login in the ESB website and follow the link to the online payment page, on the right.  The ESB website has been redesigned recently, but you can still login with your email address (the one you used to register for the ESB) and old password.