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ESB Awards

SM Perren Award

The S.M. Perren Research Award is one of the highest and most prestigious prizes awarded by the ESB.  It was first presented in 2002, and was previously named the ESB Research Award.  This award is given to the first author of an outstanding scientific paper based on original and previously unpublished research.  This year four papers were submitted for consideration, through the J. Biomechanics portal.  Each of them was assessed by three reviewers as part of the standard peer review.  The papers and the peer reviews were examined by SM Perren Award committee (10 members from the different fields).  While all the papers represented an interesting piece of research, none of them seemed sufficiently innovative and comprehensive to deserve the SM Perren Award.  For this reason, the SM Perren Award will not be assigned this year. 

At the same time, to remember Prof. Stephen Perren, who died in late 2019, J. Biomechanics will host a special issue ad memoriam.  This issue will collect the best paper received in the field where Prof. Perren gave his contribution: bone mechanics, remodeling, mechanobiology, and healing, and fracture fixation.  We believe this is a great way to celebrate a great scientist.  More details will be provided soon.

Best Doctoral Thesis 2020

This year we received ten excellent applications for the Best Doctoral Thesis award.  The selection is still in progress.  The winner and the runner-ups will be contacted as soon as the award Committee has completed the work.  The winner will be invited to present his/her work in a “plenary” webinar during the days when the ESB 2020 Congress was scheduled (12-15 July).

For more information, please see the best doctoral thesis award webpage.

Clinical Biomechanics Award 2020

Eleven papers were submitted for the Clinical Biomechanics award through the Congress portal.  They were first scrutinized by the peer reviewers of the Congress Scientific committee (2-3 reviewers for each paper), then by the Clinical Biomechanics Award Committee (10 members from the different fields). 

The following four were selected as finalists:

These four finalists will present their work in a “plenary” webinar during the days when the ESB 2020 Congress was scheduled (12-15 July). 

The Award committee will then select the winner.  The first author will receive a certificate and an amount of 1000 €, donated by Elsevier Science Ltd., the publisher of Clinical Biomechanics.  The award winner will be asked to prepare a manuscript which is foreseen to be published in Clinical Biomechanics as the ‘ESB Clinical Biomechanics Award Paper’.

For more information, please see the Clinical Biomechanics award webpage.

Student Award 2020

We received over 60 applications for the Student Award this year, as part of the abstract submission process for the 2020 Congress, including a number of truly excellent student papers.  Evaluation is currently in progress.  Four finalists will be selected to present and compete about the Award in a dedicated webinar-session during the days when the ESB 2020 Congress was scheduled (12-15 July). 

The Award committee will then select the winner.  The award consists of a certificate for each winner and 1000 € for the first place (donated by Elsevier Science Ltd) and 400 € for the runners ups.

For more information, please see the Student Award webpage.

Best Poster Award and Travel Award

These two awards cannot be assigned this year, due to the cancellation of the Congress.  We wish to thank the authors who submitted their papers for these awards.  We look forward to awarding your work next year!

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