Prizes and awards for WCB2018

ESB award announcements

SM Perren Award 2018

The evaluation of the SM Perren award is still in progress and the winner will be contacted as soon as the award committee has completed the work. The winner will be invited to present their work in an award lecture at the WCB in Dublin.


Best Thesis Award 2018

Miguel Ángel Ariza Gracia

Miguel Ángel Ariza Gracia

The ESB is pleased to announce that Miguel Ángel Ariza Gracia has been awarded the ESB Best Thesis Award 2018 for his thesis entitled “Methods for characterising patient-specific corneal biomechanics.”Miguel Ángel Ariza Gracia studied Biomedical Engineering in a joint doctoral program between Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain, and Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, Spain.

In his PhD project, Miguel addressed the problem of generating a patient-specific computational models of the human cornea, including both patient-specific geometry and mechanical properties. The computational framework developed will be used to provide mechanical assessment on the cornea and to help in the planning of refractive surgeries. The outcomes of his work include 7 first author publications, and several other contributions. All reviewers agreed that he has managed to present a compelling thesis, of high scientific quality which is well worthy of winning the 2018 Best Thesis Award.  Miguel will present his work in an award lecture at the WCB in Dublin.

In addition, the committee decided to award Niklas König Ignasiak as runner-up for the best thesis award 2018. Niklas thesis was entitled “Understanding variation in human movement – the good and the bad in motor variability“.


Student Award 2018

The 2018 Student Awards Committee is pleased to announce that the 4 finalists to compete for the 2018 ESB Student Award will be:

  • Graeme Paul: “Real-time FEA allows homogenization of strain profiles in individual mice for improved fracture healing after cyclic loading”
  • Duncan Betts: “A three-dimensional multiscale model of fracture healing in mice: Sensitivity of callus microstructure to osteoblast polarization and initial MSC density”
  • Andrea Mainardi: “Cartilage on chip: hyper-physiological compression in a microscale platform triggers osteoarthritic traits in a cartilage model”
  • Arsalan Marghoub: “Modelling bone formation at the cranial sutures in normal and craniosynostotic mice”

The final award winner will be decided based on each candidate’s presentation at the WCB Congress in Dublin, graded according to a secret ballot held by all the meeting delegates attending the award lectures.


Clinical Biomechanics Award 2018

The 2018 Clinical Biomechanics Award Committee is pleased to announced that the 4 finalists to compete for the 2018 Clinical Biomechanics Award will be:

  • Philipp Damm: “Gluteal muscle damage leads to higher in vivo hip joint loads 3 months after total hip arthroplasty”
  • Sónia Alves: “Laying the foundation for healthy gait asymmetry ranges outside the laboratory in everyday life activities”
  • Hans Kainz: “Selective dorsal rhizotomy normalizes muscle forces during walking in children with spastic cerebral palsy”
  • Hai-Chao Han:”The effects of trabecular cutting on the diastolic and systolic function in ex vivo New Zealand rabbits”


Travel award 2018

For the travel awards, the ESB is pleased to announce 28 travel award winners, as mentioned in the list below.

Alex Ireland, Aurélie Levillain, Chloe Audebert, Yin Chang, Surabhi Sonam, Johanna Melke, Alice Spenlehauer, Dominica Khoo, Kaj Emanuel, Giovanni Rossini, Daniela Warnecke, Pim Oomen, Florian Schall, Chrysovalantis Voutouri, Darshan Shah, Cristian Parisi, Selda Sherifova, Mark Heyland, Gabriele Nasello, Lorenzo Grassi, Steffi Van Hees, Amelie Sas, Sophie Le Cann, Gil Serrancolí, Simona Seminati, Matteo Selmi, Benjamin Delpuech, Filippo Piatti.



I would like to personally thank all the reviewers involved in evaluating the different awards for your dedicated and efficient work. There was very few reminders or convincing needed, and the motivations and discussions to reach the decisions were highly professional. I am very grateful to you all.

Hanna Isaksson