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Save Time and Increase Productivity with Simpleware Release N-2018.03

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Simpleware software, which includes many exciting new features and performance improvements for 3D image data visualization, processing, and model generation for FEA, CFD, and CAD applications. The software is used by biomechanics researchers and analysts for tasks such as exploring patient-specific anatomies and evaluating medical devices through importing and positioning of CAD devices within the body.

Particular benefits for biomechanics users include:

  • Co-registration of two datasets– combine multiple image modalities like CT and MRI into one project file to make use of both for segmentation, for example when combining MRI and CT data of the knee
  • Wall thickness analysis tool– analyze the thickness of any segmented mask or surface object, such as thickness distribution of a cerebral cortex
  • Shape creation, fitting and analysis– new set of tools for the creation and fitting of shapes, incl. planes, cylinders (and many more), for example to fit spheres to the femoral heads to allow for calculation of distance between centers
  • Image reslicing visualization tool– reslice your image volume to enable easier identification of anatomical regions of interest, for example to reslice MRI data to follow an artery path using a centerline
  • Import and handling of volume meshes– import volume meshes from a range of common formats, with applications such as importing an existing FE mesh of a bone for reassignment of greyscale-based material properties
  • New 3D editing selection options– new lasso and polygonal frustrum selection options, for example to isolate the phalanges within a CT scan of a foot

Discover the new features by watching an On-Demand recording of our New Release Webinar.

If you would like to try Simpleware N-2018.03first-hand, download a fully functional trial version, attend one of our introductory workshopsor full day training courses.


Workshop Series: Digital Orthopedics

Virtual Solutions for New Implants and Prostheses


Join the SIMULIA & Synopsys workshop series on Digital Orthopedics: Faster delivery of better products for patients – enhancing mobility and quality of life. We will be holding these workshops at the following dates and locations:

  • May 16th – Munich, Germany
  • June 6th – Zurich, Switzerland
  • June 12th – Berlin, Germany
  • July 3rd – Stuttgart, Germany

For more information and to register visit:


Other Events

Meet Synopsys at Upcoming Events


We will be taking part in a number of events over the next few months which will be of interest to ESB members, including:

  • May 3rd – Insigneo Showcase, Sheffield, UK
  • June 15th –Advanced Digital Technologies (ADT) Conference, Swansea, UK
  • June 18th-June 19th – SIMBIO-M, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK
  • July 8th-July 12th – WCB 2018, Dublin, Ireland

We also provide regular trainings and workshops – learn more about what’s coming up in your area here:


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