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Looking forward to the 1000th ESB member!

The ESB currently counts more than 940 members; therefore we are very close to being a 1000-member strong society. We will celebrate our 1000th member by giving away a prize of 5 years of free membership to the member that, once approved, becomes the 1000th individual member of the ESB (this does not include corporate membership). So encourage your colleagues and students to apply for ESB membership, they may be the lucky one to win the prize.

Welcome to the new members of the ESB

A very warm welcome to the 104 new members who have joined the ESB since Autumn 2013:

  • 54 new active members: José D. Martín Guerrero, Nikolaos Georgiou, Franco Simini, Ken-ichi Tsubota, Ettore Lanzarone, Jacopo Biasetti, Henrique Almeida, Dimitris Missirlis, Giuseppe Sciume, Milan Sokol, Navrag Singh, Marzieh Azarnoosh, William Bertucci, Maria Chatzinikolaidou, Nikolaos Michailidis, Ingrid Knippels, Anders Palmquist, Sylvain Haupert, Vincent Luboz, Stephen Greenwald, Antonia Torcasio, Sotirios Korossis, Petroula Tarantili, Margarita Kotti, Stefanos Zaoutsos, Bart Koopman, Sam Kerr, Luiza Muraru, Alexandre Gorodkov, Roman Kuster, Anthony Herbert, Malgorzata Lekka, Claire Morin, Zdenka Sant, Chang-Yong Ko, Jiri Nohava, Patrick Segers, Stefan Scheiner, Yasin Yurt, Andrea Bucchi, Anastasios Skiadopoulos, Michal Staniszewski, Laura Iop, Himadri               Gupta, Daniel Kytyr, Aylin Sendemir Urkmez, Shirin Yazdani, Riona Ni Ghriallais, Michele Marino, Flavia Libonati, Joseph Sherwood, Philippe Terrier, R Periyasamy;
  • 45 new student members: Petra Veliskova, Cornelius Dirk, Nishant      Kumar Singh, Manuela Calderone, Verena Schwachmeyer, Mauro Ferraro, Claudio             Chiastra, Mario Giorgi, Yabin Wu, Frederico Ribeiro, Philip Purcell, Shelly Singh, Anju Babu, Alexandros Repanas, Dimitrios Fotiadis, Chloe Dafkin, Maren Freutel, Swati Varshney, Mohamadreza Nassajian Moghadam, Mathew Lyons, K. Brent               Smale, Vassilios Panoutsakopoulos, Kaushik Mukherjee, Arabella Mauri, David Volkheimer, Patrik Stenlund, Tsiloon Li, Joana Pereira, Darren Boyd, Valarie Malfroy Camine, Fernando Yitzhak Zapata-Cornelio, Erica Di Federico, Alison Agres, Marco Soares dos Santos, Gerard Cooney, Can Gokgol, Jinxin Huo, Alessandra Maria Bavo, Szymon Prauzner-Bechcicki, Barbara Weiss, Jennifer Costelloe, Chu-Hee Lee, Gifty Tetteh, Lisa Coles, Philippe Gratessolle, Sasima Puwanun, Julian Guumi, Darja Koennig, Marco Palanca, Lauri Stenroth, Andre Pereira, Giuseppe Criscenti, Feihu Zhao, George Adams, Daniel Lemus.
  • 5 new corporate members: BETA CAE SYSTEMS S.A, MYON AG, MTS SYSTEMS, AMTI Force and Motion, Taylor & Francis

Thanks to the decision of the ESB Council to arrange dedicated student benefits (including the newly introduced Mobility Grant), the fraction of Student members is steadily increasing (now approaching 30% of total membership).

How to pay the ESB yearly membership fee?

In order to avoid any confusion regarding the payment of the ESB membership fee, we remind you of the following:

  • If you attended the ESB congress in Patras, membership fees for 2014 were already included within the price of congress registration.
  • If you attend the WCB in Boston in July, please remember to indicate you are affiliated with the ESB when you register (you will find a dedicated dropdown box in the WCB registration page). This way, your WCB registration will automatically cover ESB membership for year 2015.
  • If you do not attend the annual ESB congress (or the WCB, this year), your membership will elapse at the end of the following year, and you will be required to pay your annual membership fee online.
  • Members who allow their membership to lapse by not paying their membership fee for 2 consecutive years (this can be done online, or by attending the annual ESB congress) will be maintained within the membership database for a period of 2 years, under the status of “resigned”.

For more details about membership payment rules, please visit the dedicated page.

To update/check your membership profile and fee payments, you just need to login in the ESB website and follow the account overview link on the right. The ESB website has been redesigned recently, but you can still login with your email address (the one you used to register for the ESB) and old password.

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