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Beta CAE Systems: From reality to virtuality

Turn the key to 3D-modeling from CT-data of physical objects
Addressing the need of contemporary industry to embed new approaches, such as the integration of Computer Tomography (CT) data into the simulation processes, BETA CAE Systems brings forth a new software named RETOMO.

This new solution couples simulation and physical objects even for high-end complex, multi-material structures and enables the correlation of CT with CAE and CAD data, by applying high-end methods to read, process, reduce, reconstruct, and visualize CT images and output them as tessellated models.

RETOMO offers powerful new tools and functionality. You will be able to make the most of its rendering functionality to visualize different material with distinct colors, and handle multiple materials simultaneously during image segmentation, generating meshes for all materials appearing in the scan, in a single pass.

Model finite elements number can be reduced and simplified to easier import and handle the otherwise huge amount of data-sets. Same time, sophisticated algorithms will let you work effectively on big datasets without sacrificing the quality of the result.

Developed to be an industry-oriented software, RETOMO will save you time through session files that will save your working steps to apply for later use, reduced memory requirements through multi thread running, and fast processing of big data-sets, all in a minimal and intuitive user interface.

Further building upon the advanced capabilities and dedicated tools, for Biomechanics applications, of the ANSA / EPILYSIS / META software suite, BETA CAE Systems offers a simulation solution package that will maximize your CAE capabilities, delivering results of high quality faster than ever before.

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