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Prizes and Honours Awarded at ESB 2017

The Huiskes Medal for Biomechanics 2017


Professor Lutz Claes, Professor Emeritus at Ulm University, Germany.

Prof Claes held the first chair in Biomechanics in Germany, and founded the Biomechanics Institute in Ulm. Moreover he was the founder of the German Society of Biomechanics, and has served as a board member of the ESB. Prof Claes has actively been searching for answers to a variety of problems in orthopaedic biomechanics, resulting in over 450 publications in e.g. bone fracture fixation and mechanobiology, spine and knee biomechanics. Professor Claes will present his work in an award keynote lecture at the upcoming ESB Congress in Seville.


Best Doctoral Thesis in Biomechanics 2017

Dr Lorenzo Grassi (Lund University, Sweden) with the thesis: “Femoral strength prediction using finite element models: validation of models based on CT and reconstructed DXA against full-field measurements.”


Runners-up award in this category:



ESB Student Award 2017


Pim Oomen (Eindhoven University of Technology) for the work “The interplay of growth and remodeling in human heart valves during somatic growth” (Pim J.A. Oomen*, Carlijn V.C. Bouten, Ellen Kuhl, Sandra Loerakker)


Runners-up award in this category:

Aging leads to reduced mechanosensitivity during bone healing (Edoardo Borgiani*, Christine Figge, Bettina Willie, Georg Duda, Sara Checa)

Predicting cellular (re)alignment in response to mechanical and topographical stimuli (Tommaso Ristori*, Thomas M.W. Notermans, Frank P.T. Baaijens, Sandra Loerakker)

Trabecular morphology has differential effects in uniaxial and fatigue failure of cancellous bone
(Ashley M Torres*, Jonathan B Matheny, Marysol Luna, Floor M Lambers, Clare M Rimnac, Christopher J Hernandez)


ESB Poster Award 2017


Natasha Fell with the work “The role of subchondral bone and its histomorphometry on the dynamic viscoelasticity of osteochondral tissues” (Natasha L.A. Fell, Bernard M. Lawless, Sophie C. Cox  Megan E. Cooke, Neil M. Eisenstein, Daniel M. Espino)


ESB Travel Awards 2017

Maria Cristina Bisi, Katariina Myller, Gloria Casaroli, Marco Ferroni, Emiel Disseldorp, Matteo Zago, Nicole van Gestel, Ingmar Fleps, Morteza Amini, Andre Castro, Emir Benca, Pouyan Asgharzadeh, Arne Feldmann, Justyna Niestrawska, Ariane Scheuren, Romane Blanchard, Daniele Bianchi, Melika Mohammadkhah, Anna Gustafsson.


ESB Mobility Award 2017

Karen Mys (KU Leuven) – award administered and reported by the student committee


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