Membership news

Our membership is increasing more and more. After the 21st Congress held in Prague, the number of applications has substantially increased. Total membership is now well over 1000 (1080 members in total).

A very warm welcome to the 168 new members who have joined us since Spring 2015:

  • 94 new active members: Martine Pithioux, Sophie Le Cann, Esther Wehrle, Daniel Robertson, Giuseppe Vairo, Anthony Callanan, Maria Parkes, Margaret Julias, Thomas Jenkins, Martin Stanley, Jason Inzana, Orlaith Brennan, Woo-Suck Han, Tine Alkjaer, Frank Gijsen, Tassos Natsakis, Adamantios Arampatzis , Oskar Sachenkov, Cedric Laurent, Dominik Krumm, Wojciech Wolanski, Saulo Martelli, Ursula Eberli, George Athanassiou, Melanie Haffner-Luntzer, Slawomir Viniarski, Massimiliano Zingales, Baptiste Sandoz, Peter Pivonka, Boris Dyshko, Jens Schwiesau, Chao Wan , Torsten Schenkel, Daniel Cleather , Yannick Tillier, Petr Stastny, Alan Howieson, Szczepan Piszczatowski, Reza Hashemi Oskouei, Cecilia Persson, Volkan Esat, Leonid Smoluk, Libor Lobovsky, Filippo Consolo, Jorge Grasa, Navid Arjmand, Kazuhiko Adachi, Christoph Schilling, Mohammad Nikkhoo, Kinda Khalaf, Mathieu Lempereur, Ralf Landgraf, Jerome Molimard, Roland Steck, Shigeru Tadano, Luc Mongeau, Francesco Sturla, Daniel Nolte, Rami Korhonen, Marwan El-Rich, Geert Meermans, Lars Mandrup, Michala Markova, Paulo Emanuel Luzio de Melo, Michael Azari, Bruno Watier, Muhammad Qasim, Jiri Bursa, Solenn Le Pense, Martin Andreas Koch, Emilio Mercuri, Dohyung Lim, Jerome Thevenot, Athanasios Pirentis, Yvan Petit, Kathleen Denis, Liang Zhong, Yan Chevalier, Marcela Munera, Marek Gzik, Andre Castro, Vera Colombo, Isabella Schwartz, Simon Le Floc’h, Jacek Jurkojc, Louise Coutts, Woensik Chae, Adam Trepczynski, Tamas Insperger, Emiliano Votta, Xijin Hua, Susanne Kathrein, Karel Frydriek and Michael Moreno.
  • 74 new student members: Anna Cederlund, Melika Mohammadkhah, Patricia Goggin, Adedoyin Adeleye, Alexander Synek, Sara Niederer, Benedetta Biffi, Ryan Edginton, Raquel Simón-Allue, Dermot O’Rourke, Juri Steiner, Samantha Wright, Elliot Goff, Elham Taghizadeh, Heleen Fehervary, Marija Smoljkic, Shriram Duraisamy, Daniele Bianchi, Jarunan Panyasantisuk, Stefania Marcotti, Simon Carroll, Samir Menon, Jalil Nourisa, Alan Irvine, Marco Marra, Ran S Sopher, Piers Milner, Antonino Rinaudo, Ilaria Cinelli, Ali Dostanpor, Maria Fabiola Leyva Mendivil, Koichiro Maki, Bin Kamisan Mohammad, Aimaduddin Atiq, Nicole van Gestel, Mark Heyland, Adrian Moure, Anne Carloine Oenning, Filippo Piatti, Omar Antonio Pappalardo, Agness Beckmann, Caitlyn Collins, Alireza Ashofteh Yazdi, Andrea Calvo-Echenique, Kathryn Rankin, Karlijn Groenen, Ali Fattahi, Ari Ronkainen, Luisa Meyer, Ingrid Ajaxo, Chaudhry Hassan, Sofia Scataglini, Siti Haida Ismail, Victor Hugo Muñoz Martel, Norbert Kapinski, William Enns-Bray, Salih Celik, Vedran Nedelkovski, Morteza Amini, Ehsan Sarshari, Daniel Scicluna Calleja, Noor Shafini Mohamad, Ali Shahvarpour, Thomas Metzger, Ana Paula Quixadá, Tim Bhatnagar, Forough Madehkhaksar, Chrysovalantis Voutouri, Adam Ciszkiewicz, Philippe Moewis, Paola Tamburini, Chiara McBrien, Antonie Tacheau, Annalisa Dimasi and Gunter Theisz.

This round a significant number of new individual applications for membership came from the Industry (whereas most of ESB members come from Academia).  This includes both people from manufacturers of research equipment and software (which are traditionally close to the ESB), but also people involved in R&D in the medical devices industry.  We believe this is a sign of the relevance of the ESB not only in a research environment, but also in a translational context.

In addition, a few Active Members this year became Senior Members of the ESB, we thank these members for continuing to providing an extremely valuable contribution to the ESB.

Corporate Members

Corporate members are provide valuable financial support to the society.  This for instance enables the ESB to provide more travel grants for students to attend the yearly meeting, and allowed creation of the Mobility Awards.

We have one new Corporate member: Nobel Biocare, based in Switzerland, part of Danaher corporation.  Nobel Biocare operates in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations, and includes a large R&D department with an interest towards biomechanics.  More companies that participated in the ESB congress in Prague have been encouraged to join, and some already applied.

Analysis of the distribution of membership

The ESB has now 1080 members from 51 countries, including several non-European countries. Membership includes 31% female participation.  While the majority of members are settled in their professional career, the ESB has nearly 30% student members.
members_by_country-2015-10-13members_by_type-2015-10-13 How to pay the ESB yearly membership fee?

In order to avoid any confusion regarding the payment of the ESB membership fee, we remind you of the following:

  • If you do not attend the annual ESB congress, your membership will elapse at the end of the following year, and you will be required to pay your annual membership fee online.
  • Members who allow their membership to lapse by not paying their membership fee for 2 consecutive years (i.e. neither paying online, nor by attending the annual ESB congress) will be maintained within the membership database for a period of 2 years, under the status of “resigned”.

For more details about membership payment rules, please visit the dedicated page.

To update/check your membership profile and fee payments, you just need to login in the ESB website and follow the account overview link on the right.  The ESB website has been redesigned recently, but you can still login with your email address (the one you used to register for the ESB) and old password.