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Force and Motion Foundation Scholarships

Applications have begun to be accepted for the $10,000 Force and Motion Foundation Scholarships.

The Force and Motion Foundation Academic Scholarships are awarded annually to assist promising graduate students in fields related to multi-axis force measurement and testing.  During the 2015–2016 academic year the Foundation will award three $10,000 scholarships to help defray the qualified expenses of promising graduate students.

The Force and Motion Scholarship program broadly encompasses research activities involving multi-axis measurement and multi-axis testing technologies.  For specific application criteria please visit the force and motion website for details for the 2015 award year.

To be considered for the awards, each student must complete an online application before January 11, 2016.

AMTI continues as the industry leader in technology

At Advanced Mechanical Technology, Inc., we have a passion for scientific research and innovative engineering.  Worldwide, top biomechanical labs, orthopedic testing labs, universities and research hospitals all rely on AMTI to provide them with the highest quality biomechanics instrumentation and testing equipment.

Our OPTIMA™ Human Performance System is a revolutionary development in force measurement technology, offering a 10-fold improvement over any force platform system on the market.

Using AMTI’s newly optimized strain gage technology; the Optima HPS provides levels of accuracy never before seen in force platform systems:

How do we know the performance of the Optima HPS is that good? AMTI verifies the accuracy of each Optima system through a proprietary precision calibration that takes up to 4000 measurements throughout the platform’s entire rated capacity. This process uses a high-density calibration grid that covers the entire platform surface and uses fully documented NIST-traceable standards.  Each Optima Human Performance System is composed of an Optima Force Plate, Optima Signal Conditioner, and Optima Calibration Certificate and cabling.

AMTI’s Compact Treadmill incorporates two force platforms, one under each belt, in tandem or in a side by side configuration.  Our tandem technology allows for the discrimination of forces between individual limbs while all our treadmills provide for a reversible belt direction for uphill and downhill walking and running.  Speed is 0-20 kph and adjustable in 0.1 kph increments while elevation can rise up to a 25% grade on a base that is only 31 cm high in the horizontal position.

AMTI’S VIVO Multi-axis Joint Simulator brings leading-edge technology to joint motion simulation, dramatically increasing movement realism. VIVO™ provides realistic replication of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle, temporomandibular, and spinal joint movement, and its advanced control capabilities and extended range of motion make VIVO a leader in the industry.  In addition, our VIVOSIM software has been developed as the go-to software to be used along with the VIVO in the analysis of joint motion simulation.

VIVO’s patent pending design provides a fully servo controlled six degree-of-freedom environment in which to test total joint replacements as well as biological joint specimens. In addition to implant wear and lifetime durability testing, VIVO enables testing of real world implant failure modes that occur due to in-vivo-multi-axis loading conditions. VIVO’s virtual soft tissue constraint system and other control features further increase simulation realism and research flexibility.

AMTI is the global leader in multi-axis biomechanical testing machines. Each year more than 80 percent of the hip and knee implants produced are manufactured by companies that rely on AMTI for their critical phases of implant evaluation.

Researchers and Clinicians require the best measuring data as the foundation of their work.  That is why they demand AMTI systems across the globe.

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