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ESB mobility award

Hi Folks, in this newsletter we are happy to present the story of our first ESB mobility award winner, Ana Campos Marin. She exchanged her lab in Sheffield for the LABS (Laboratory of Biological Structure Mechanics) in Politecnico di Milano (Italy). Here is her story:

“I went to Milano at the end of February to join the LABS for a period of five months. I worked under the supervision of Prof. Gabriele Dubini and Dr. Elena Biachi and studied cell seeding by perfusion on a PCL scaffold. We analyzed the local fluid dynamics inside the scaffold and determined the cell path by micro-particle image velocimetry experiments. Before going to Milano, I only had computational experience so during this collaboration I gained experimental skills and a better insight on the challenges when working in a lab. This experimental side of

my PhD complements well with my computational skills since it helps to understand the reality and the complexity of in vitro experiments before modelling them. In addition, the fact that I learned how to adapt to a new research group and new techniques helped me to become more confident to face new problems. It is noteworthy to say that I also had a great personal experience; I enjoyed Milano where I met wonderful people and tried really nice pizza and pasta. Furthermore, this stay in Italy gave me the opportunity to learn Italian and discover the Italian culture. In summary, this has been a positive experience both professionally since I could enrich my CV and obtain good results for my PhD as well as personally by discovering a beautiful country.”


This is a picture from the last day when they said bye to me and gave me some presents.  I am the one holding the book where it is written 10 years.

This is a picture from the last day when they said bye to me and gave me some presents.
I am the one holding the book where it is written 10 years.

The ESB mobility grant was awarded for the second year at the WCB this year. We congratulate two new winners, Niklas König and Valentina Danesi to the honor, and we wish them a great time abroad, gaining a new professional and personal experience!

ESB student committee

There have been some changes in the ESB student committee lately. Priyanka Pravincumar and Angelo Karunaratne have left the committee this summer. We thank both of them very much for their contributions. We are very happy to have also two new members in the student committee: Yash Agarwal and Zahra Asgharpour. Welcome to the committee Yash and Zahra! If you are interested to join the team, please contact us, we are always looking for motivated young researchers who like to actively contribute to the biomechanics field beyond research.

We like to mention again our job platform at the ESB Facebook and LinkedIn homepages. Especially for PhD and Postdoc positions, we had a lot of announcements lately. Thanks to everyone for their contributions! We encourage all ESB members to post the job opportunities related to the biomechanics field on our web and social media accounts.


By Aurélie, Zahra and Silke on behalf of the whole student committee.

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