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Prizes and Honors Awarded at the WCB2014

S.M. Perren Research Award

This award is given to the first author of the best scientific paper (submitted in this round) based on original and previously unpublished research. Papers are judged on their scientific merit and must fully conform to the format suitable for publication in the J. Biomechanics. The award winner is required to give an award lecture named in Dr. Perren’s honour during the ESB Congress. The award includes a honorarium of 10,000 Swiss francs (approx. €6,000) sponsored by the AO Foundation in Davos, Switzerland, and a certificate which is presented after the S.M. Perren Award Lecture at the biennial ESB Congress.

The winner was the paper entitled: Safety factor of the proximal femur during gait: a population-based finite element study; by: Fulvia Taddei1, Ilaria Palmadori1, William R. Taylor2, Markus O. Heller3, Barbara Bordini1, Aldo Toni1, Enrico Schileo4 of: 1Laboratorio di Tecnologia Medica, Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Bologna, Italy; 2Institute for Biomechanics, ETH Zürich, Switzerland; 3Bioengineering Research Group, University of Southampton, United Kingdom; 4Laboratorio di Bioingegneria Computazionale, Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Bologna, Italy


The winner Fulvia Taddei with Peter Zioupos

The winner Fulvia Taddei with Peter Zioupos

Best Doctoral thesis in Biomechanics

The Best Doctoral Thesis in Biomechanics is the award with which the ESB recognizes the development of an outstanding doctoral final thesis that has contributed to the advancement of the theory and/or applications of Biomechanics. The award was presented by the outgoing president of the ESB Hans Van Oosterwyck.

The winner was Dr Carlos Borau Zamora (University of Zaragoza), whose thesis was entitled: Multiscale computational modeling of single cell migration in 3D; supervised by José Manuel García-Aznar & Roger D. Kamm.


The winner Carlos Borau Zamora with Hans Van Oosterwyck

The winner Carlos Borau Zamora with Hans Van Oosterwyck

ESB Clinical Biomechanics Award

The ESB Clinical Biomechanics Award was established by the ESB with the purpose of fostering the application of Biomechanics to clinically oriented problems.

This year the winner was: Nikolaos Paschos of the University of California Davis, who with his colleagues won the prize for his work on: Biomechanical and Biological Properties of Different Topographic Locations of the Ankle Joint.


ESB Student Award

The ESB Student Awards were instituted by Professor Marie-Christine Ho Ba Tho at the 1998 Congress in Toulouse, France, with the purpose to honour excellence in biomechanics already at a relatively young age. In 2014, the ESB Student Award was awarded to Mario Giorgi for his work: Mechanobiological simulations of prenatal joint morphogenesis.


The winner Mario Giorgi with Peter Zioupos

The winner Mario Giorgi with Peter Zioupos

ESB Travel Awards

ESB Travel Awards are given to the worthiest applicants based on the selection made by the ESB Award Committee. The purpose of the Travel Awards is to allow young researchers to participate at the ESB Congress. The awardees this year were: Enrico Dall’Ara (Italy), Darja Könnig (Germany), Flavia Libonati (Italy), Frederico Ribeiro (Portugal), Gaspare Pavei (Italy), George Adams (UK), Hajar Razi (Germany), Juri Steiner (Switzerland), Katie Ewing (Australia), Kaushik Mukherjee (India), Maren Freutel (Germany), Mario Giorgi (UK), Mathew Lyons (Ireland), Michael Takaza (Ireland), Naiara Rodriguez-Florez (UK), Peter Varga (Germany), Ramy Fishler (Israel), Stefan Dudli (USA), Adrian Lai (Australia), all sponsored by ESB.


Prepared by Peter Zioupos, outgoing Vice-President and Chair of the awards committee

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