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Call for applications to serve on the ESB Student Committee

As you may know, the ESB Student Committee gives the unique opportunity to ESB student members to become directly involved in the organization and execution of ESB activities such as the promotion of job offers and the organization of student events. Developing new activities for ESB students to gain experience, mentoring, advice or simply social contact is also an important task, for which fresh ideas and creativity are welcome. The active participation of students in the ESB Student Committee is highly important to keep this committee close to the expectations and needs of the youngest ESB researchers.

Connected to the ESB Council, the Student Committee seeks to support the social and professional growth of ESB student members by both promoting networking across generations of researchers and providing inspiring experiences or information. Probably the two most illustrative examples in the recent years have been the mobility awards, and the Ethics workshop and Career events, respectively organized at the 2016 and 2015 ESB Conferences, in Lyon and in Prague.

The Student Committee keeps also alive continuous social and professional communication, through the ESB Facebook student account and the ESB LinkedIn account. The current committee, formed by Ali Sharifnezhad, Yash Agarwal, Zahra Asgharpour, and Edoardo Borgiani has done an amazing work over the last years. Along the way, most of them became PhD (congratulations!), and it is time to renew the team.

Hence, we call for applications to become active members of the ESB Student Committee, and actively participate to the organization of important ESB activities. Interested persons should send a short text of motivation (200 words) and a full CV to We need you J!

ESB Mobility Award for Young Researchers 2016

We are aware of the effort that applying for an award requires, and we would like to thank all the applicants to the ESB Mobility Award for Young Researchers 2016. This specific award is not only about recognition. On one hand, it aims to actively support the career development of ESB student or junior postdoctoral members; on the other hand this initiative is expected to consolidate long-term collaborative research in biomechanics through a bottom up approach. In 2016, we received four applications of very good quality.

The two awardees are

Paola Tamborini, PhD candidate at the University of Bologna under the supervision of Prof Rita Stagni, and

Feihu Zhao, postdoctoral researcher at the Eindhoven University of Technology under the supervision of Dr Sandra Hofmann.

Both Paola and Feihu will spend some time at the University of Sheffield to work on musculoskeletal modelling with Prof Claudia Mazzà and on computational bone tissue engineering with Prof Damien Lacroix, respectively. Congratulations, and we wish them a fruitful experience. Read more about the awardees and their projects here.

Story from Sanaz Berahmani, 2015 winner of the ESB Mobility Award for Young Researcher:

“I moved last May to Adelaide, down under J, to spend 6 months at the Medical Device Research Institute, Flinders University. In short, it was a great experience! I successfully finalized the project, which aimed to evaluate the effect of implant positioning on the fixation of femoral knee components in a large number of samples using computational biomechanics tools. I developed a fully automated pipeline to create a 3D finite element model of implanted bones, run FE simulations and extract results. In addition, I learned several new software packages, made new friends and expanded my network quite substantially by presenting my work at the Australian and New Zealand Orthopaedic Research Society (ANZORS).


On another note, when I told others that I am moving to Australia in May, usually the first reaction was that you will then have three winters in row instead of three summers, which was absolutely true! However, it was just after moving that I understood winter time in Australia is the best time to explore this amazing country on foot, which is my favourite, because otherwise it is simply too warm for hiking. So once more I want to say thanks to the ESB for providing this opportunity and hope others also consider including an exchange period during their PhD.”

Jérôme Noailly

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