Membership news

Our membership is growing year on year. Following the 22nd Congress held in Lyon, the number of applications for membership increased significantly. Total membership is now well over 1000 (1204 members in total).

A very warm welcome to the 134 new members who have joined us since Spring 2016:


  • 73 new active members: Erica Montefiori, Richard Black, Konstantinos Margaris, Vincenzo Parenti Castelli, Ankush Aggarwal, Daniel Abler, Sasa Cukovic, Lino Calvani, Christopher Jacobs, Ertugrul Yuksel, Ghislain Maquer, Ivan Zderic, Floren Colloud, Yuzhu Guo, Vahid Arbabi, Michele Conconi, Anne-Viginie Salsac, Sevgi Sevi Yesilyaprak, Paul Harris, Alain Lalande, Angkoon Phinyomark, Jean-Philippe Berteau, Amy Smith, Tony Monnet, Philippe Vaslin, Joerg Fehr, Frederic Marin, Arnaud Germaneau, Lingzhong Guo, Laura Peralta, Mohammad Ali Nazari, Pascal Buenzli, Tien Tuan Dao, Nicola Hagemeister, Cécile Baron, Yohan Payan, Valerie Deplno, Stephane Armand, Olivier Boiron, Yoann Lafon, Sonia Duprey, Sebastien Laporte, Martin Browne, Marino Arroyo, Nasser Rezzoug, Aurelie Benoit, Yoshitaka Kameo, Thomas Robert, Bertrand Frechede, Helios De Rosario, Laure-Lise Gras, Elsa Vennat, Kuangyou Cheng, Julien Lardy, Claire Dupont, Frederic Puel, Roozbeh Naemi, Jean-Sebastien Affagard, Francoise Peyrin, Fafa Ben Hatira, Behdad Pouran, Yoshimori Kiriyama, Damien Subit, Arlyng Gonzalez Vazquez, Mélanie Ottenio, Emil Nutu, Vittorio Sansalone, Algirdas Maknickas, Thibault Lemaire, André Sprengers, Satoshi Yamada, Virgil Florescu and Mohsen Maleki Karyak
  • 61 new student members: Alice Palazzo, Francesco Vincenzo Ferraro, Alberto Sensini, Yun He, Fabio Bianchi, Dario Santos, Thomas Overbergh, Yogesh Tripathi, Gloria Casaroli, Boris Dauriac, Arthur Ghigo, Hanna Burton, Hassanain Ali Lafta, Mathias Blandeau, Louise Marais, Mohammad Hossein Izadian, Benjamin Wheatley, Eleonora Costamagna, Marco Pensalfini, Alba Gonzalez, Sandra Martínez Sanchis, Sara Marreiros, Hossein Bahmaee, Atichart Kwanyuang, Oliver Boughton, Samar Shaabeth, Mostapha Ariane, Andreas Brand, Jenny Venton, He Thong Bui, Carolina Eleonora Lavecchia, Samuel Jesus Ramos Infante, Paola Aprile, Florieke Eggermont, Alessandro Santuz, Mathias Blandeau, Meredith Stadnyk, Camille Pouliquen, Boliang Yu, Galo Maldonado, Xiran Cai, Kevin Lepetit, Fereshteh Mirahmadi, Ciska Molenaar, Solenne Deveraux, Karolina Golec-Szlawska, Jan Votava, Jonathan Lee, Maxim Bashkuev, Johanna Bätz, Henning Haschke, Reza Kamrani, Victorien Picolet, Maxime Bourgain, Kyo Shindo, Andres Rondon, Nur Liyana Azmi, Graeme Paul, Naser Nasrollahzadeh, Matteo Selmi and Alessandro Caimi


In addition, a few Active Members this year are becoming Senior Members of the ESB due to retirement or to their long-standing participation in the society.  We are glad to see them still actively attending our Congresses, and giving their contribution to the ESB.

During the yearly congress in Lyon, a new Honorary member was presented to the General Assembly, Prof. Romuald Bedzinski.

Corporate Members

Companies joining the ESB as Corporate members are giving a valuable financial support.  This for instance enables the ESB to provide more travel grants for students to attend the yearly meeting, allowed creating the Mobility Awards, and new Corporate-sponsored best paper awards.

Currently, our Corporate members are: AMT, Ansys, Baasys, ßBeta, Delsys, Materialise, MTS, Nobel Biocare and Taylor & Francis. If you know of any company that might be interested in joining us, please contact the membership committee:

How to pay the ESB yearly membership fee?

In order to avoid any confusion regarding the payment of the ESB membership fee, we remind you of the following:

  • If you attend the annual ESB congress this year (Seville), this will pay for your ESB membership until the end of the following year (2018).
  • If you do not attend the annual ESB congress in Seville, your membership will elapse at the end of the current year (2017). For the following year you will be required to pay your annual membership fee online.
  • Members who allow their membership to lapse by not paying their membership fee for 2 consecutive years (i.e. neither paying online, nor by attending the annual ESB congress) will be maintained within the membership database for a period of 2 years, under the status of “resigned”.

For more details about membership payment rules, please visit the dedicated page.

To update/check your membership profile and fee payments, you just need to login in the ESB website and follow the link to the online payment page, on the right.  The ESB website has been redesigned recently, but you can still login with your email address (the one you used to register for the ESB) and old password.

MªAngeles Pérez Ansón and Sara Checa