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Synopsys Introduce New & Improved AI-Enabled Solutions for Segmentation & Landmarking in Orthopedics & Cardiology

The Synopsys Simpleware Product Group is pleased to announce the release of Simpleware R-2021.03, which adds brand-new fully automated segmentation and landmarking tools for new anatomies, as well as improvements to the software’s established family of AI-enabled solutions for orthopedic and cardiology-based workflows.

Introducing Bertec

Bertec’s products have represented a legacy of excellence in biomechanics for over thirty years. We provide solutions founded in accuracy and precision.

Our engineering is trusted worldwide to enable a deeper understanding of human movement. 

Click through to the Bertec Interactive & On-Demand Education site for free, interactive, on-demand courses and webinars from key industry experts.

Mark Thompson, Chair of the Diversity-Inclusion and Membership Committee

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