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Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be held in THE BASSIN.

When you enter the inner harbor of The Bassin, you are in the middle of an historic part of Maastricht. You enter the port via the river Maas or the Zuid-Willemsvaart via authentic locks. A port with a rich history

The city council of Maastricht had the Bassin built in 1824 – 1826 as a hub between the Zuid-Willemsvaart and the Maastricht – Liège Canal. This provided improved transport routes for commercial purposes, which boosted the industrialization of Maastricht. The harbour is surrounded by monumental pottery factories of Sphinx, buildings that were still in use until the beginning of this century. Nowadays, these buildings have all been given a new destination.

The harbour and its surrounding restaurants will be the venue of this year’s ESB conference dinner. For more info, please contact us via mail.

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