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Delsys, being at the forefront of innovative developments in electromyography (EMG) for 30 years, has established the foundation for unmatched signal quality, consistency and reliability. Latest EMG innovations include; Trigno Avanti (EMG & IMU), Trigno Quattro (multichannel and mini EMG), Trigno Galileo (EMG Decomposition) and Trigno Maize (HDsEMG for Spatial Muscle Mapping)
MatchID offers non-contact imaging systems (DIC & Grid) to retrieve mechanical and kinematical data at the surface of complex objects under any kind of loading. Our techniques combine both dense spatial and temporal information, applicable from small to large scales. This allows to assess and validate the local mechanical behaviour of both materials and structures.
BETA is an engineering simulation solutions provider, dedicated to the development of state of the art software systems. For more than 30 years, we have been developing software and delivering services for the front runners of numerous sectors by listening to their needs and taking up even the most demanding challenges.
Bertec’s products have represented a legacy of excellence in biomechanics for over thirty years. We provide solutions founded in accuracy and precision. Our engineering is trusted worldwide to enable a deeper understanding of human movement.

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