2023 Abstracts now online

Abstract submission

The call for abstracts is closed. You can access your submission via the Conference Tool http://www.conftool.com/esb2023.

The call for Perspective talks is now closed.

Program tracks

3D printing in biomedicine
Advanced computing for biomechanics
AI / Data-driven modeling in biomechanics
Animal and plant biomechanics
Biofluids and transport
Biomechanics of movement and posture
Biomedical imaging
Cardiovascular biomechanics
Cellular and molecular biomechanics / mechanobiology
Clinical and translational biomechanics / in silico clinical trials
Computational biology
Computer aided diagnosis, planning, and surgery
Dental biomechanics
Ergonomics / occupational biomechanics / rehabilitation
Experimental biomechanics
Hard tissue biomechanics
Impact / injury biomechanics
Implants / orthotics / prosthetics / devices
Musculoskeletal / joint biomechanics
Neuromuscular control
Ocular biomechanics
Patient-specific modelling
Reproductive / perinatal biomechanics
Respiratory biomechanics
Robotics in biomechanics
Skin biomechanics
Soft tissue biomechanics
Spine biomechanics
Sports biomechanics
Tissue engineering
Virtual and augmented reality in biomechanics

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