Special Sessions

Materialise Mimics Innovation Awards

Every year at the Mimics Innovation Awards, Materialise honors leading-edge bioengineering work on medical device designs, patient-specific implants, surgical instrumentation treatments, anatomical research and more that ultimately improve and save lives.

The award ceremony is a time to celebrate those who have made powerful insights and inspiring outcomes, by using the Mimics Innovation Suite in their toolkit. We would like to raise our glasses to these innovators through international recognition, and a monetary prize that empowers winners to continue their research, regardless of their discipline achievements.

Join us to recognize the latest innovations made possible by the Mimics Innovation Suite, and get inspired on how you can achieve the best results for your research.

Alessandro Caimi: Prediction of stenting related adverse events through patient-specific finite element modelling
Stefaan Van Onsem: Undersizing the femoral component improves pain and symptoms after total knee arthroplasty

Monday July 8 | 17:00 | HS 41

John Currey Memorial Lecture

This session will commemorate Professor John Currey, a long standing contributor to the European Society of Biomechanics, who sadly passed away in December 2018. John is world renowned for his expertise in the biomechanics of mineralised tissues and was fascinated by the relationships between tissue structure, organisation and mechanical properties. In this session friends and collaborators of John will
describe his work and how it inspired their own.

Gwendolen Reilly (University of Sheffield, UK)
Melissa L. Knothe Tate (University of New South Wales, Australia)

Monday July 8 | 17:45 | Audimax