Guidelines for presenters and chairs

The event will be held fully on-line with pre-recorded presentations (with the exception of Plenary Talks and awards).

The Perspective Talks, the Podium presentations and the Flash presentations of e-posters will be broadcast on-line following the sequence reported in the conference agenda (see the website for updates). The starting time of each session is reported. Each session will be organized according to the total duration of the session (60 min or 75 min). If a Perspective Talk is scheduled in a session, this talk will open the session, followed by 5 minues of discussions. Discussion time slots will be given every three or four presentations at most, depending on the number of scheduled presentations.

The discussion time slots are dedicated to Questions and Answers. Due to time restrictions, it would be desirable to place the questions in the chat, the chairman of the session will select the questions and allows the presenters to answer.

The presenters are kindly asked to attend the whole session in order to take part to the Q&A.

As the schedule may be tight, attendees and presenters are kindly asked to limit the discussion within the available time slots. However, at the end of each session a 15 minutes break is scheduled, if needed the virtual room is available during the break for further discussions.

General information

All video-presentations will be freely available for streaming after the congress for approximatively three months. We hope this is of help for those of you who miss interesting presentations because of the tight schedule or an unfavorable time zone.

The .pdf files of the e-posters will be available for download from the beginning of the Congress and for the same time period of the video-presentations.

Information for Chairmen

In all session-room at least one person of the technical staff from POLIMI will be present.

The POLIMI-staff member will:

– assist the chairman in verifying the presence of the presenters in the room;

– play the video presentations upon introduction of the chairman

– call one of the presenters in the room to play the role of the chairman in case the primary chairman has connection problems or similar.

As in classical congresses, if a presenter is missing, please stick to the original schedule and the time of the presentation of the missing presenter can be used for discussion.

The Chairmen are kindly asked to stop the discussion when allotted time expires.

Chairmen can introduce the presentation just by simply announcing the name of the presenter and the title of the presentation; there is no time for more detailed introductions to the talks.

GUIDELINES for poster presentations

The Flash pre-recorded presentations will be broadcasted in blocks of 3 (6 minutes in total) followed by 6 minutes discussion.

GUIDELINES for KEYNOTE and award sessions

Keynotes Speakers will give their talk for 30 minutes followed by a general discussion of 15 minutes.

Presenters of the Students award will have 12 minutes for the presentation followed by 5 minutes of discussion

Huiskes medal and Best PhD thesis will have 25 minutes presentation followed by 5 minutes discussion