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ESB Scientific Image Competition

Can your research be captured in an appealing scientific figure or photo? 

The ESB encourages their members to showcase their work to the public and media! 

Submissions are accepted from November 17 to December 19, 2022. 

A panel of judges will select the final images that will be shown on the ESB website and advertised on ESB social media. Three selected images will receive an award of 100€. All submitters will be notified via email in February 2023 with those results.

Judging will be based on scientific significance, originality, and artistic and/or visual impact of the images and figures. All images must have a connection to biomechanics research; we welcome a diverse selection of images/figures that reflect the breadth of biomechanics research! 


– applicants should be students, PhD candidates, postdocs, young researchers (<40 years) and technicians

– only one image per participant is allowed

– editing is allowed but the image should depict a real “object”

– the entry must be sent by email as high resolution .jpeg or.png file (ideally minimum resolution of 2 megapixel/200 dpi, if the instrument allows it)

– the entry must be sent together with the filled-in application form to (if needed, you can use a file transfer service e.g. we send it or dropbox). The form can be found here:

– note that by taking part in the ESB scientific image competition, you provide consent to use the submitted image on the ESB website and in ESB publicity, as such the images should be publishable and copyright free. In the case of persons present in the image, they should all have given their consent for the image to be used in this way. 

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