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Sports biomechanics research – music to one’s ears

Sports biomechanics research - music to one's ears by Pieter Van den Berghe

Sports biomechanics research – music to one’s ears by Pieter Van den Berghe, Ghent University.
In sports biomechanics, researchers study the body’s movements during sports activities. I am using here a novel, music-based biofeedback device during an outdoor biomechanics experiment. The aim of the experiment was to reduce the impact intensity during running. The image is superimposed with the biofeedback process, wherein a high intensity of shank acceleration is converted into pink noise that is added to music. The music synchronizes to the running cadence to motivate the user and plays crystal clear at low impact intensity. The wearable, audio biofeedback enables high-impact runners to self-explore with running style adaptations that can lower impact intensity.
Publication link: Motor retraining by real-time sonic feedback: understanding strategies of low impact running. British Journal of Sports Medicine (IF 2021: 18.473, Altmetric: 15, PhD Academy Award). 105750.

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