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Postdoc position on the Evaluation of Interactions between Motorcyclist, Airbag and Safety Barrier via Numerical Simulations @ Université Gustave Eiffel (Lyon or Marseille, France)

The objective of this joint project (LBA & LBMC) is to integrate the barrier impact into the airbag evaluation processes of the previous REGAM project. This objective thus feeds two strategic issues:

– Quantify the combined effects of wearing an airbag vest and of a safety barrier with or without a motorcyclist screen to reduce the risk of injury during an accident (definition, analysis and choice of injury criteria in a reference case).

– Identify the area of protection (gain/limits) offered by regulatory barriers for different impact situations with the motorcyclist (sensitivity analyses).

To do this, it is a question of establishing a crash numerical modeling combining motorcyclist, motorcycle, airbag and restraint device, based on the previous work on the subject at LBA and LBMC.

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