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From the President: EAMBES

EAMBES so far

EAMBES the “European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering and Sciences” was founded in 2003 with the presumption that in an area as wide and fragmented as the Medical and Biological Engineering and Science (MBES), working together and speaking with one voice would have been a great benefit. The ESB has been a member of EAMBES since 2010 and several of our members have served in the Executive Board or as fellows. At that time, EAMBES was positioned as the main contact point in relation to Biomedical Engineering and Medical Technology research in Europe for decision makers within the EU Commission.

Since 2015, the activities carried out by EAMBES have been reduced or at least, reflected a lower impact than before. In the Autumn and Spring newsletters we have always reported about their actions. Due to this lack of activity, the Council has been discussing about renewing our membership for a long time. There are pros and cons. But the main negative point is that the ESB is paying a certain amount of money and there is no added-value for the Society. The Council doesn’t see a clear future road map that EAMBES will follow as it was in the past.

We communicate to our members this decision through this Spring Newsletter. Of course, we are open to give our members more details. You can contact me to get additional data or clarification.

Corporate members of the ESB:

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