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Membership News

The ESB membership is continuously growing, and despite the fact that registration fees for the World Congress of Biomechanics in Dublin could not include new ESB membership, total membership has increased since Spring 2018. Now, our society counts with 1345 members!

Members in arrears with their membership fee were switched to “resigned” status and are not counted. Nevertheless, they are still in time to redeem and rejoin the ESB.

We are happy to see that the number of paying members has nearly doubled since 2010, and thanks to the membership fees, the ESB is able to strongly commit with the Biomechanics Community. Among many other aspects, the society ensures (i) affordable registration fees for the annual ESB conference, one of the major European events in Biomechanics, (ii) financial support for researchers who lack resources to participate to the ESB conference, and (iii) an extended program of awards, especially to support career development for early researchers in Biomechanics.

New Honorary Member

During the yearly congress in Dublin Prof Patrick Prendergast, the current Provost of the Trinity College in Dublin, has been awarded the Honorary ESB Membership. Patrick Prendergast is a long-standing member and past president of the ESB. But remarkably, this Honorary Membership is the recognition of the great scientific contribution of Prof Prendergast in the field of biomechanics, with 20 years of research and lecturing in biomechanics, mechanobiology, implants and biomaterials. On one hand, Patrick Prendergast’s seminal work in mechanobiology has largely stood for an inflexion point in the way biomechanical phenomena should be understood as organic processes in tissue repair. On the other hand, Prof Prendergast has directly inspired a new generation of great scientists that we are happy to have in our community.

New Honorary ESB Member Patrick Prendergast (left) with current ESB President Maria Ángeles Pérez Ansón (right).

Corporate Members

On one hand, companies joining the ESB as Corporate Members are giving a valuable financial support to our community. On the other hand, as science and technology in biomechanics progress, the need for technology transfer and for academia-company partnerships increase, as reflected by the rise of national and European industrial doctorate programs. The ESB seeks to actively promote such partnerships, for example through the ESB Mobility Awards, and through new Corporate sessions and Corporate-sponsored best paper awards.
Currently, our Corporate members are: AMTI, Ansys, ßBeta, Materialise, MTS, Nobel Biocare, Synopsis Simpleware and Taylor & Francis. If you know of any company that might be interested in joining us as Corporate Member please contact the membership committee via email.

How to pay the ESB yearly membership fee?

In order to avoid any confusion regarding the payment of the ESB membership fee (existing members), we would like to remind you the following:

The ESB Membership is granted after an evaluation process. Hence, new members should always apply, even if their membership fees are covered by the registration to the annual ESB Conference.

Corporate members of the ESB:

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