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With the “spring cleaning” a number of members in arrears have been moved to the “suspended” status.  Despite this, the total number of members of the European Society of Biomechanics is steadily increasing. Total membership is now nearly 900.

A very warm welcome to the 65 new members who have joined us since Spring 2013:

  • 32 new active members: Pinaki Bhattacharya, Christina Perdikouri,  Cleveland Barnett, Hakim Naceur, Hussam El-Din El-Sheikh, Benbarek Smail, Ali Vahdati, Ali Merdji, Argiris Kasioptas, Ahmet Erdemir, Maria-Grazia Ascenzi, Nicole Yu, Seunghwan Lee, Daniel Benoit, Christof  Hurschler, Annamaria Guiotto, Asimina Kazakidi, Douglas Cook, Javier Andres, Savvas Savvakis, Flora Gröning, Edouard Auvinet, Luige Vladareanu, Yuhang Chen, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Warrick McKinon, Mauro Malve, Eduardo Soudah, Chris Holland, Dimitrios Teranis, Nikolaos Darras, Leping Li;
  • 33 new student members: Seyed Jamaleddin  Mousavi, Mikael  Turunen, Elizabeth Anne  Gallagher, Katarzyna  Szepietowska, Johann Jakob  Schwiedrzik, Orestis  Vardoulis  , Juan  Mora Macías  , Pauk Fahy , Serena de Gelidi, Andreas  Skiadopoulos, Ghiss  Moncef, Ahmed Aldukhail, Janna  Tenenbaum-Katan,Michele Casanova, Mohammad Akrami, Alessandra Scarton, Marcos PIña-Aragón, Falko  Schmidt, Zuned Hajiali, Marielys Loaiza, Feng Xue, Hooman Mohammad Pour, Philip  Purcell, Manuel Krämer, Ana Mercedes Campos Marin, Diogo Ferreira de Almeida, Falk Christoph  Mersmann, Riza Bayoglu, Orestis Andriotis, Pedro Aparicio, Nefeli Chatzistefani, Juliet McClymont.

The recent increase of number of members is probably explained by the decision of the Council to include the yearly membership in the fee of the annual congress of the ESB.  This possibility has encouraged people who regularly attended the Congress of the ESB, to join the society.

It is worth noting that the fraction of Student members is increasing (now exceeding 27% of total membership).  This is probably explained by the decision of the ESB to have dedicated benefits for students, including the newly introduced Mobility Grant.

How to pay the ESB yearly membership fee?

In order to avoid any confusion regarding the payment of the ESB membership fee, we remind you of the following:

  • If you attended the ESB congress, in Patras membership fees for 2014 are included within the price of congress registration.
  • If you did not attend the ESB congress this year, your membership will elapse at the end of 2013, and you will be required to pay your annual membership fee online to cover membership for 2014. An invitation email will be sent soon. Please note that payment via Paypal is the preferred method, but for those of you who have no access to this facility, it is possible to register and then transfer your fees via bank transfer. Full details will be provided in the membership invitation email. Furthermore, both invoices and payment receipts will be available automatically in pdf format within your login section of the website.
  • Members who allow their membership to lapse, and do not attend the annual congress will be maintained within the membership database for a period of 3 years, under the status of “suspended”.

For more details about membership payment rules, please visit the dedicated page.

To update/check your membership profile and fee payments, you just need to login in the ESB website and follow the account overview link on the right.  The ESB website has been redesigned recently, but you can still login with your email address (the one you used to register for the ESB) and old password. If you do not remember your password, just fill out your email address on the login page and a new password will be generated and emailed to you.

News about corporate members

The research activity of most ESB members requires hi-tech hardware and/or software that is developed and commercialized by specialized companies.  For this reason, the Council of the ESB has decided to strengthen the contacts with Industrial parties that are active in the field of Biomechanics.  The best way we could think of, was to:

  • Encourage companies that are active in our field to join the ESB as Corporate Members.
  • Offer Corporate Members better ways to communicate with regular members, such as: (i) product news (you will find a dedicated section in this Newsletter where Corporate Members can present their latest products and applications), and (ii) incorporate in the forthcoming ESB congresses a dedicated “Corporate Session: Technology for Research”.
  • Make regular members better aware of the presence of Corporate Members and of the opportunity to build collaborations.

We therefore invited those companies that had a booth at the Congress in Patras (and a few others) to join the ESB.  In the recent months, the number of Corporate Members has nearly doubled.

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