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November 2016 Webinar

Exploring Human Movement Research with Wearable Sensors


This webinar highlights how our Trigno™ Wireless sensors expand the movement measurement capabilities of researchers and clinicians. Learn why you should insist on research-grade technology, and explore how EMG is used in several applications, from standalone biofeedback tasks to fully-instrumented biomechanics research. For students & researchers interested in using wearable sensors to collect high-quality EMG signals and other movement measurements.

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Delsys is pleased to announce it will now be supporting the .c3d file type!



With our new Delsys File Utility, native EMGworks® files (.hpf) can be converted directly to .c3d. Now any signal that is collected from the Trigno™ hardware will automatically appear in the converted file, allowing users the flexibility to process signals in third-party software, such as Visual3D and The MotionMonitor. Read more.


Delsys prize

The 14th Annual Delsys Prize


The 14th Annual Delsys Prize submission process has closed. The winning entry will be announced on our website at on November 2, 2016.


The winner will be selected by a 5-member Review Board consisting of experts in Electromyography from scientific, engineering, and medical disciplines.


The winner will receive a cash award of $ 3,000, a commemorative plaque, and a complete Trigno™ 8 – Channel Wireless EMG System with EMGworks® Acquisition and Analysis Software. The Trigno™ System offers the latest in EMG technology with Hybrid Sensors that provide EMG signals and 3D Accelerometer signals. Furthermore, the Delsys Prize winner will receive LabChart Analysis Software by ADInstruments. Together with ADInstruments we have now made Trigno™ wireless EMG Systems completely compatible with LabChart analysis software. With a custom-built ADInstruments device enabler, your wireless EMG data can stream directly into LabChart with a click of a button.

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