Perspective talks in Biomechanics

Perspective talks in biomechanics 2017

Monday, 8:30, Auditorium
Inverse poroelasticity determines compliance, stiffness and toughness of soft collagenous tissues (PDF)
Edoardo Mazza*

Monday, 11:30, Auditorium
Computational models of bone remodeling and adaptation – past, present and future (PDF)
Peter Pivonka*

Monday, 11:30, Room 007
Biomechanics for interventional applications in aortic aneurysms (PDF)
Tim McGloughlin*

Monday, 16:45, Auditorium
Arterial pathophysiology: a chemo-mechano-biological perspective (PDF)
Michele Marino*

Monday, 16:45, Room 105
Validation of finite element models for predictions of bone properties at different dimensional levels (PDF)
Enrico Dall'Ara*

Tuesday, 8:30, Auditorium
Tissue engineering: the devil is in the detail (PDF)
Damien Lacroix*

Tuesday, 11:30, Room 007
From the constitutive law of articular cartilage to the contact mechanics and mechanobiology of knee joint (PDF)
LePing LI*

Tuesday, 15:45, Auditorium
Computational biomechanics in the industry: revolution ahead? (PDF)
Philippe Favre*

Tuesday, 15:45, Room 005
Mechanical biomarkers by torsional waves for medical diagnosis (PDF)
Guillermo Rus*

Wednesday, 9:00, Auditorium
Will the assistive exoskeletons of the future be biomimetic? (PDF)
Maxime Raison*, Yacine Bougrinat, Laurent Blanchet, Olivier Barron, Sofiane Achiche

Wednesday, 9:00, Room 105
Micro-ct and contrast-enhanced ct as innovative 3d characterization tools for engineered tissues: an overview (PDF)
Greet Kerckhofs*

Wednesday, 11:30, Auditorium
Compuational bone biomechanics – is this an innovation we need to manage osteoporosis in future? (PDF)
Dieter Pahr*

Wednesday, 16:45, Room 003
Easy-to-use and sensitive osteoporosis screening... (PDF)
Jukka Jurvelin*

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